Belt rubbing my wheel - any suggestions?

Hi guys!

I completed my first build ever and I had a first ride, but I already got an issue… The belt rubs against the wheel. Distances are pretty small so I don’t know what I could do about it…The obvious solution seems to slide the motor mount a bit deeper, but it won’t work because it already reached the bottom of my caliber truck. I’ll show you some pictures of the situation…does anyone have an idea to solve this issue? Thanks guys!


umm… put spacers on the axle to space the wheel out.


Washers work for a little space.

Are “spacers” in other countries the same thing as “washers” in the US? When I think of spacers I think of the part that goes between the bearings in a wheel but might be one of those weird US vs the world terminology things.

I had the same problem. The rubbing could be solve with spacer or adjusting the angle of the motor mount. Spacer is the simplest.

Thanks guys, I added 3 washers (two didn’t work) but now, though the belt doesn’t rub on the wheel anymore, I run out of space on the axle to tighten the nut. Also, after I tried running the motor for a bit to check the belt, I touched the nut and it was burning hot! Maybe I tightened it to much?! I had to because I was afraid I could loose it…

Here’s the picture that shows you the nut on the axle with the extra 3 washers

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How thick is the bracket around the truck ? I would file down the truck so that you can push the bracket a bit futher inn.

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I had the same problem also with this mount. I just took a knife and let the motor spin while holding the knife against the wheel to scrape a bit off. Now the belt doesn’t touch the wheel anymore. Maybe not the best solution but it worked for me.


I used an angle grinder to cut away a little of the metal that joins to the truck, the little triangle part that is stopping your mount from advancing further up toward the king pin. It was quick and easy, I filed it nice and smooth and it gave me the room I needed.

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That was after the cut, before I filed it. I don’t believe that it really impacts the structural integrity, although an engineer will want to testify that it is there for a purpose, and they are probably right. What can I say, I live dangerously. By virtue of the fact that you are building a turbo wood plank, so do you.

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@oldguy engineer here, that is definitely there for a purpose :wink:

In reality it probably just decreased the life of the truck a bit, that is mostly there for extra structural support, and without it, there’s a chance the truck will bend eventually. But hey, you do what you have to in order to mount up the turbo wood plank :smile:


All right, I gave it a few more tries but the problem still stands. I don’t feel like filing the truck a bit to slide deeper the motor mount so I guess I’m going for scraping the wheel…

Also… Is it normal the nut burning hot after I tried spinning the motor or it’s because of some resistance since I tightened it too much?

Not normal at all. There is unwanted friction somewhere. The washers could be rubbing the bearings. Do you have a spacer inside the wheel between the bearings, that should prevent the axel nut pressing the bearings and making them bind.

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i had the belt rubbing on wheel issue…i dont know if this is recommended against, but i essentially just placed a few extra washers so the belt wouldnt rub (just for the process), and then floored it my controller to get max rpm on my motor, and carefully shaved the inside of the wheel with a box cutter knife…made a bit of a mess, i finished it with some 80 and then 120 grit sandpaper and it came out fine…not the most elegant solution but it definitely worked and i agree with @lrdesigns ,you probably have your nut on too tight causing friction

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I solved the problem. I removed one washer so that I was able to tighten the nut pretty well, then I gained the necessary space placing the screws of the motor to the wider holes, so I could slide the motor pulley a bit deeper.

Now I have other kind of issues :joy:

If you guys are inerested I talked about it on this thread

Thanks for the help!

I just encountered this same issue of belt scraping the wheel sidewall (squeeling). I think I’ve solved it by using 6 thin washers on the axle between the truck and the bearing/wheel. I still had plenty of threading for the end nut as well.

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