Belt Skipping Problem Been Going On For Weeks. Help!

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to this forum and I started to browse here because my skateboard has been having crazy belt skips. I’ve had this generic Chinese board(single belt motor 225-3M-13mm) for a little bit more than a year and it was all good. However, I started experiencing belt skip issue around a month ago.

I tried switching the belts but even brand new belts would have belt skip when hard brake/steep hill. My motor mount doesn’t allow any adjustment/idler. My pulleys seem to be fine, and they’re pretty aligned(I messed up the outer rim of the wheel pulley myself so that isn’t why I’m having belt skip) Pictures below:

Any idea? It’s weird that my board only started having this issue after having it for so long… and the pulleys seem pretty fine to me. Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated. It’s my main commute to school and having belt skip while going downhill is not assuring at all.

Looking at the picture of the motor pulley, the teeth look like they’re worn. They appear to have sharp edges in the photo.

3m belts are more prone to slipping than 5m belts.

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Thanks for the input! Is the motor pulley suppose to be a bit dull like the wheel pulley?

I’m gonna build my own board during summer break and I’m most likely gonna be using 5M belts. Hills near my school are crazy. However this board was working perfectly for half a year or so.

Yes, the motor pulley teeth should be the same shape as the wheel pulley. If they’re not, that is likely the source of your problem.

You may be able to find a replacement pulley.

Another idea would be to modify your mount to include an idler/tensioner, but if the pulley is worn, that won’t help too much.

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Got it. Where’s the most convenient place to buy it? Aliexpress maybe?

A convenient place to buy what?

The motor pulley sir

Will a 15mm wide belt fit or only a 13mm?

The max that pulley can do is around 14mm. It used to be fine though

It’s skipping because your motor pulley is worn out.

The problem though is that it’s only 3M which means 3mm tooth spacing. Almost all quality setups and replacement parts will be 5M and come in 12mm or 15mm widths, not 13mm

So fixing it may not be as simple as changing the motor pulley unless you can find that exact one. I have no idea – I’ve never looked for 3M pulleys before. Everything in this forum is 5M


How many teeth are on the motor pulley?

How many teeth are on the wheel pulley?

Yeah that’s why once I’m done with schoolwork I’m gonna build my own board and use 5M instead. But currently my motor pulley is 15mm wide it’s just it’s a bit hard to fit a 15mm belt on it. There are 14 teeth on the motor pulley and 50 on the wheel pulley.

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What is the top speed? That’s a pretty steep gearing at 3.57:1

The most you will be able to find in 5M is 2.67:1 or maybe 2.86:1 which would reduce the power/brakes a lot and increase the top speed

The top speed is around 16-18mph if I remember correctly. I’m not really going for the top speed but more for the torque.

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Then you probably need to find a 14T 3M 15mm motor pulley

Preferably steel