Belt specifications - Teeth

So I’m about to switch my gearing ratio from 14/50 to 14/36, also switching to Kegel wheels.I want to save a few bucks and get my belts from another site rather than Enertion (but I will be buying the 14T pulley from them). Only difference is the teeth on the belts. They’re both 9mm wide, and are 265mm in length, however Enertions has 55 teeth, and the other site has the same belt but 53 teeth.

Does this make a difference? Will it matter much? Should I just get the Enertion one?

Also intersted in an answer. I just bought a belt with 53 teeth to see if it works. I also find it wierd that 2 belts with the same pitch and lenght can have diffrent teeth.

That sentence contradicts itself… That cannot be. Either the length or the pitch is slightly different!

That is what i thought but everybody has 53 teeth exept for enertion who claims to have the same 5mm pitch and 265mm lenght but has 55 teeth.

It’s a typo then. Teeth count is literally length divided by pitch 265/5=53.

vbeltsupply is a great source for fairly priced belts.

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Yeah, I thought something like that too, a lot of other sites have 53T, but Enertion says 55.

@onloop is it a typo?

My 12mm Enertion belt has 53.