Belt tension issues

For some reason the belt tension while I move the wheel is different. When I’m rotating the wheel the tension is normal or almost a tad loose, but then once I try to make a full rotation it gets tighter and has a lot more tension until it almost pops back to the normal/looser tension. Any ideas why? The other day I had to take the gear on the wheel off because a metal clip that was in between it and the wheel literally just fell off. It had fallen off before but I had glued it back on, now its just not on because I’m lazy. Could it be that I screwed the gear on unevenly and that is contributing to the tension? I tried re screwing it twice but I have suspicions that its not on properly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Improper tension depending on amount of movement means the belt and gears do not mesh properly (dirt, deformation, worn down gears) or your gears are off center or the belt is worn causing meshing issues.

Only you yourself can figure that out with a visual inspection.

Yeah, your pulley is no properly balanced.

Post some pics it could be your pulley is binding on the hanger. When you say metal clip are you talking washer/speed ring? Or a retaining clip? An out of alignment pulley will be very obvious on the bench especially if it’s causing that kind of resistance.


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Everything looks too close. I’d move the entire motor mount to the right a bit and leave about a 2mm gap from the motor pulley.


What he said☝️ All looks too pinched. Reckon you have a slightly out of alignment pulley and its binding on the mount. If you look at the mount you will probably see some score marks. Spread it out and then rotate it slowly you will see the pulley move in and out if it’s wrong. Tighten up the nearest bolt to the apex of the movement until it’s running true. They can be fiddly to set up but once done will be sweet.