Belt width for dual mount on standard hanger

Long time Boosted rider, first time builder. The board I’m starting from is a Vanguard with Paris trucks, so that’s what I’m planning to use, probably with this mount. I’m planning on 97mm wheels with 5M belts on dual 6355s. I’m down for basic lathe operations on the hanger as necessary to facilitate clamp grip or placement (eg, putting on a knurl on it or to remove material and add a heatshrink sleeve).

I suspect I just need to buy my wheels and the mount and then work it out from there, but I’m trying to figure out upfront whether it’s going to be possible to use 15mm belts with this or if I’m going to be stuck on 10mm. The math feels like it should work out for 15mm, but pictures I see of other people’s dual-6355 setups look pretty snug even with 10mm belts. What am I missing in the below calcs?

  90mm half width of the hanger
- 10mm overhang from the wheels (estimate*)
- 4mm motor mount thickness (estimate)
- 17mm pulleys
- 55mm motor length
= 4mm remaining clearance per side.

This looks like there should be room for 6355s with 15mm and 8mm of clearance. Can experienced builders comment on whether this is correct or if I’m going wrong here somewhere?

* EDIT to qualify this estimate a bit. I’m picturing getting these knockoff wheels, which are 52mm wide with center-set hubs, and with a standard 24mm core (10mm spacer + 2*7 bearings), that means 14mm overhang on each side of the wheel rather than my estimated 10mm, so that eats up all my clearance. Has anyone made this work? Wondering if it could be packed in just with even an extra washer pushing each wheel out by 1mm or so?

My trucks are 10" 184mm hangers.

I got dual 6354 motors with 15mm no problem at all. U can get 20mm if u can find pulleys.

Vanguard + Paris trucks wow that’s some great carving setup. Don’t cheep out on wheels. Get good ones. Love the Caguamas 77A best longboard wheels hands down. And they aren’t that expensive search around u can find them ~ 50$

Yeah, I have the standard 80mm Kegels on my Boosted V2, and I’m okay with them, but I do feel like it would be nice to have a little more cushion for rough roads, railway tracks, etc. This will be mostly a commuting board, so the extra weight isn’t a huge issue, and I think I will adapt to the height change.

Certainly going to an offset wheel like the Caguama would make it a lot easier to fit everything. Most of the larger wheels I’ve seen have been center-set; it looks like the Abec11 Superfly ones are offset, but I’m not finding clear information online by how much.

My intent was to start with no-name wheels for now and just upgrade them later on as I wore them out. However, if going with name brand upfront means I can get offset hubs and therefore do 15mm belts, I think that’s probably worth the extra expense.

u get more info over at https://forum./

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So I did end up getting the Cal7 wheels, at least to start with. I have enough room to put at least one washer on each axle, possibly two (especially if I use a conventional nut with thread-locker instead of the self-locking nut). With a single washer, I have ~157mm total clearance between the wheels, which means the remaining half-width is 78.5mm rather than the 80mm estimated above.

The hanger width was also a low estimate, as @dickyho has confirmed his mount is 6mm width in the motor area. So 78.5 - 6 - 55 = 17.5mm for the belt. Should still be doable but it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

@Chaki Those mounts look like they might be steel rather than aluminum, which could definitely be way thinner than 6mm. Did you design them youself?

My Mount are aluminum and from

No bending over time

Looks from the listing like it’s an aluminum clamp and a stainless steel plate. Which makes sense; there’s no way aluminum that thin would be strong enough.