Belt Width to Weight Ratio

I’ve decided on a 12S 6374 SK3 192kv single VESC setup, but I don’t know how wide the belt should be. Should I buy the belt off a mounting combo like on Enertion? Or buy it seperatly? I was thinking 9mm for simplicity, but correct me if I’m wrong due to my 75Kg weight.

12mm is the widest i can fit on my trucks using my existing motor mount. 12mm is a noted improvement over 9mm wide. I would strip 9mm belts easily when braking & accelerating hard. i’m 95kg.


Under moderate acceleration with a kickoff, and minimal braking, and at a weight of 75kg, will 12mm belts be a significant benefit?

it will probably be ok. only one way to find out.

I run 15mm belts on the same motor you are using, cept its the 149kv and not 192kv. I have yet to strip a 15mm belt, i bet you could get away happily with 12mm considering I am using my 15mm setup to climb 20 degree inclines on the regular. With that 15mm wide setup it is a tight fit on the trucks, but I have barely noticed any stretching of the belt so that alone is worth it IMHO. If you dont have any hills to climb, that 12mm will probably be more than enough

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i’m 155 pounds and i have very often run a single 9mm belt. I’ve never stripped a belt unless it was tensioned improperly or became misaligned. I think there’s a tipping point somewhere at or just above my weight class where 12mm and 15mm start to make a lot more sense.

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155? What are you? Some kind of hobbit?


I used 2 9mm for dual drive I weigh 220.

I have used 9mm on a single drive without a problem tho.


i’m just thin and pretty, like my decks.


95kg (210lbs) here and I’ve ridden a single 9mm setup regularly without major problems, just occasional skipping on hard braking.


Up hills, or mostly flat?

What kind of pitch do the 12mm belts have? Also 5mm? Where do you find those kind of belts? HTD type?

Enertion’s belts are HTD-5M, so yes. 5mm HTD.

Just a quick question, have you ever ridden this setup up hills?

How are hills though?

I doubt that guy is going to reply to you, this thread is 5years old.

What is your question? is it whether 9mm belts are sufficent?

If you have the choice to get a wider one, do it.

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Yeah, that’s basically the question will they be enough? plus where I live there are hills too. I currently have a 15mm wide belt on but it’s way to loose and the mount isn’t long enough unfortunately I was thinking of switching to a shorter (length) 10mm belt. Like the belt skips when trying to come to a complete stop. No problem with acceleration yet though. (Haven’t pushed the board that far)

I would not personally use less than 15mm wide and I’m 98kg. If it’s skipping on hard braking, it’s misaligned, not tensioned properly, or stretched and worn.