Beltdrive System for MBS Matrix 2 Trucks HTD5-25mm on "Five Star" Hubs

Hey @benjammin do mbs fivestar have the same hole pattern as Trampa superstar? If so it means we can mate fivestar with a geared drive???

I have some older rockstar hubs and the pattern is the same of course with 5 spokes, but the offset to center is different meaning you can’t mount pulleys or drives designed for superstar

I have a string desire for a 9” tire with geared drive…come on guys!

No, they’re different. Geared drive with 9" T2 tires would be badass for off-road though. Are you using Trampa trucks? Pretty sure Jenso has an adapter to match MBS hubs to Trampa trucks.

Thanks Yuup, I have Trampa trucks.

Interested to see what @3DServisas comes up with here. In saying that silence is tempting, very tempting

what bearings are inside the support bracket?

Awesome work! Do you still have a couple of wheel pulleys? Think i can fit them on my twistar hubs (5 holes as well) from MBS. Shipping to Portugal inside de EU. Can you help a fellow diy brother? Thanks. Let me know please.

Are you still making these. ? I would like a couple of pulleys

I may also be interested

Yeah, you can find them on his website listed in his profile, or hit him up on the other forum for a direct/custom order.