Beltdrive System for MBS Matrix 2 Trucks HTD5-25mm on "Five Star" Hubs

Hey Guys,

the last year i got alot of request from the US for Drivegear parts for MBS Mountainboards.

I never own one by myself but after @benjammin was so kind to send me his Matrix 2 Trucks and “Five Star” Hubs i started to design and machine complete new Beltdrive Mounts for this Truckssystem.

I mounted the Truck to my “non HolyPro” Trampa Short Deck, with this its an direct fit of the bolting holes. For HolyPro Decks two new holes would needet to redrill.

Started with measuring the shape of the Trucks, its really an uncommon shape and cost me some time and prototypes to get the right shape :

Number “5” is matching very well:

The gab on the “MBS” marked flange is wanted, so i get a really nice prism to tighten the Mount.

The MBS “Five Star” Hub is an universal Hub for both tire sizes 8 and 9 Inch. I think this is an great option for every rider to choose his prefered Tire size. The German MTB manufactor “FLAME” has also an universal Hub named “CRYPTIC” and it worked very well with both sizes.

What i actually not know if the bolting pattern is equal to the other MBS Hubs… will have to buy some to check this out. But the “FiveStar” seems to be a very nice Hub!

I used the same components as by my Trampa Beltrive like “Rollers” and Support Bearings" also the Drivegear itself is the HTD5-25mm widh, its an massive System with lots of possible powertransfer…

I increased the “Axledistance” about 25mm compared to the Trampa Beltdrive Mounts to be able to mount the 9Inch wheels too. Otherwise they are in conflict with the Support Bearing Holders.

Also the “angle to ground” is increased about 15 degrees to get more ground clearence and a shorter overall length of the complete Board:

As you see its my common design from Trampa with the Braces to protect the Motors and helping alignment of the Mounts. I still stuck on the Braces because i know its a really “nice to have” item by riding offroad. I dont wanna imagine how many motors i probably have killed without them :smiling_imp:

Here you see the final design of the Mounts and complete Rig without Motors and Trucks :

Hope you like it ! Let me know what you thinking about.

Will send Benjammin two complete Kits for his new projects first.

Hang Loose Jenso


Very nice! May I ask what gear ratio you’re running? I’m starting my first build on a similar MBS board.

Thank You. Gearing is 1:6

Again, thanks for all your time with this Jenso. Beautiful work as always :relaxed:


Got myself some MBS Trucks and Hubs for testing…

If you are looking for lots of steering and tight corners you will like this trucksystem :


Go with the Pro Truck because they have the harder shocks, only tested the yellow ones by @benjammin parts and they where so loose i cant imagine to go fast with them.

Mounted on my first/old Trampa Deck:

Because it have a Flexbridge i made some small parts for secure the lipos with a velcro strap too:

Hang Loose Jenso


Can you fit regular MBS 100mm wheels on these trucks?

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If you can fit 28/12/8mm Bearings to your 100mm Wheels it will fit i guess.

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Where did you buy the gear for the wheel?


Made from mine (-; Have some left…

Cheers Jenso

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How much is one?

60€ for Non EU countrys

Where did you find the silver MBS wheels?


EU not in stock!


if the links dont work for you it maybe because im posting links from UK.

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Thank you!

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Do the Five Star and the Rock Star Pro hub have the same bolt pattern?

Sorry i dont read correct, thought you meant the Trampa Superstar… dont ask why

As what i heard from @benjammin they are the same.

Hello, I’m wondering if you would make me a couple of motor mounts for my matrix truck.

@Nowind what would you recommend between Trampa ATB trucks and MBS Matrix II pro with medium (orange) or soft (yellow) trucks for somebody who want abou 20 mph top speed and some manoeuvrability for carving? Terrain is mostly dirt, gravel or flat asphalt.

I think they base their dampners on a 175lb weight.