Belts vs Gears?

I wanted to ask why gears are not common at all in the esk8 community? The main drawbacks would be noise and lubrication, but other than that, why are belts used more than gears? Mechanically, wouldn’t braking be much more effective? You wouldn’t need to worry about skipping teeth on the pulleys either. You can also make the gearbox far more compact than a belt and pulley. Also don’t need to worry about belt tension. Using Alloy 910 nylon filament, you could also probably print the gears even.

So why aren’t gears more prevalent?

Not to be mean, but this topic has been beaten to death such that is falls into the category of easy to maintain or using grease for lubrication. There are other factors in the decision but to the sellers it comes down to the total cost of the system. The three links I post have some overlap with each other in terms of drivetrain application. It’s true a standard gearbox can be made more compact, but thinking about longevity is you need to encase spur gears to reduce metal-to-metal wear. Belts are just cheaper to replace than metal gears unless made in large scale the cost is the same.


Not mean at all, I just didn’t do the research. I might try screwing around with my 3D printer for awhile to make a geared board just for fun, but I will stick with belt for sure. Thanks!

You should still try spur gears even if I posted stuff that’s been beaten to death. I think there is only one user who used nylon gears. Now that you mention you would be using a 3D printer you have to use nylon for the gears or some other high strength plastic printing above 220 C.on the extruder.

I think I will, it would be an interesting project. Nylon is self lubricating, so that would help with that. Are you talking about this thread?

Not sure. I just know some users use plastic gears and it works. Long-term, that still has yet to be seen how many miles it can go.

If you can use POM.

My gears are made of Taulman Alloy 910 and they hold up very well. If you get a metal gear for the motor and print the big gear you should be fine. You could also print the motor gear but attaching it to the shaft is a bit of a pita in my opinion, but trying it would be great for sure.

i’ve been working on this for about 4 months now. it’s insanely complicated sealing the gears in on a street system. MTB drives are much easier because of how much extra “wiggle room” they have (wider trucks, huge wheels, etc)


Chiming my .2c nylon and plastic gears have to be overbuilt to hold power. Hardened steel on steel allows a smaller profile per Watt. The static rolling resistance of a small profile gear on gear is negligible (very efficient). Setup allows motor to be moved closer to the axle (less fulcrum on mount). Allows multiple gear ratios and is the only setup that allows high kv 4 pole motors. High kv inrunners have an overall lower profile to Watt ratio and are more efficient than their outrunner counter parts. As to the wear and tear I would debate a properly set up and maintained hardened steel gear on gear setup, even in open air gear form, will live as long as a properly setup belt… my .2c


where did you get those gears?

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Kids these days… sigh

Jk. Google search: 8mm pinion But seriously


i asked cause i was wondering about the pitch and tooth count…

Mod.8 or 32p.

I make a hub


you think there’s room on that pulley to drill it to an 8mm bore?

POM? Is that a filament?

I’m already working on printing Bridge Nylon pulleys for the motors as a temporary solution, and either super glue or jb welding it on the motor shafts as per the advice of another user. I will get back to you on that for sure, since I asked about it on your mountain board thread!

It’s Polyacetal and you can get it as filament for 3D printer. It’s the strongest there is but not possible to use on every printer.

I agree on that, although I have a pretty huge amount of wiggle room with 90mm wheels and 218mm TB trucks. Is that inventor? Any way you could release those files so I could edit it for my own needs?

Never even heard of it, but I will look into it for sure!

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