Ben Dub 38 Kicktail

Hey all. Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Ben Dub 38" Kicktail in their build or really any Kebbek decks. Planning my first build and the board looks very solid. 9 ply downhill/freeride and also on sale for $100 so I’m thinking of pulling the trigger.


Thx @Skunk I did see some other kebbek mentions when I searched but no mention of the Bud Dub Kicktail in particular in any builds. Was wondering if anyone had used one or at least laid hands on one. Cheers

It’s definitely not a common deck choice. Not a brand i hear much about in the states at all. Looks great tho. I really love the dip before the kicktail. Seems like your foot would lock in really well.

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Appreciate your feedback… Could likely be bc they’re based out of Montreal. Quebec has it’s own unique culture and is an entity unto itself. I’ll report back if I decide to grab this board but looking like it might be taking that top spot. Cheers

Kebbek boards are great! Well built and confidence inspiring. Bit heavy, but you’re not the one propelling it…


Nice man! I went ahead and grabbed the above deck so I’ll def put some first impressions in this thread. Cheers mate!

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