Ben Hur Deck / Matrix Pro 2 Truck/ MBS 8 in Wheels/ Dual TB 6350 Motor/ Dual VESC/ 6S-12S lifep04 28AH - 14AH


This is my new project.

is a Ben Hur deck by emotive longboards, just felt in love with the wood and overall shape of this board. ( bad that the battery is going to cover the underside). what i want with this board is to use it as a GT board something i can take for a 30 miles ride. :wink: it may get heavy but i can live with that.

it is 37.5" X 10.25" and it have a nice rocker.

my intentions are to equip it with the mountainboard MBS Matrix Pro 2 trucks and 200 x 50 mm wheels by means of a custom aluminium base.

also started working on a machined aluminium motor mount for the mountainboard truck if the price does not get too high will make a batch of at least 20 in case someone will like to make a mountainboard.

So far some pictures of my progress :smiley:

The Board

compare to my Vanguard is not too big or maybe it is

Profile view

it will be around 5 cm higher than the vanguard but still stable with the MBS trucks.

Already have made the truck base using a aluminium tube of 3x2x0.25 in cut to a 35 deg angle, cover with a 3x0.25 aluminium bar them attached together with 8 M3 screws per base.

aluminium tube and bar you can get here:

and from a scooter store a pair of 65T 5mm HTD pulley for 15mm wide belt.Attached it to the MBS wheel hub using spacers and longer screws, for the holes just draw them in autocad and printed it on clear sticker paper using the pulley center hole as a guide.

For the aluminium mountainboard motor mount still working on getting the cross section of this trucks. i have made some prototypes of a clamping ring and 3d printing them but the shape have proved to be a little elusive but i am getting close now.

3d Prints of ring clamp

This Matrix truck 2 i really like, the hanger is just straight all the way and it can be use for any type of wheel (maybe fat tires for the sand) just need to come up with a mount that can be place anywhere alone this hanger.

The VESC i order from OllinBoardCo. i was honestly on the sidelines with the VESC due to the BETA nature of the device but after following @chaka work and his innovation on the thermodynamical side of the PCB and proper all round clean soldering on every device he builded i just had to jump on board.

for the rest i’ll be updating as things come alone


love the deck and the pneumatics!

Lookin forward to seeing more :smile:

Well was a little busy but i’m back

A friend of mine was able to supply me, at a really good price, with 12 cell of Nanophosphate® AHP14M1ULTRA-A, this are the A123 lifepo4 with a capacity of 14Ah.

My only concern is that this are soft pouch cell. I have seen this cell been use in electric Go-karts with really good results, the only difference that on go-kart application the pack is positioned vertically instead of the horizontal position it will have on the eBoard.

For the assembly of the battery pack i decided to take a mechanical approach, due to the difficulty of soldering the tabs on this cell, by folding each pair of Tabs on them self and riveting this together with the balance leads to make each connection.

working materials: Rivet tool, Silicone Gasket Tape, wires, terminals, voltmeter

Mechanical joint of cells, with folded tap and balance lead attached.

after putting the packs together, just used 2 aluminium sheet on each side and wrapped it with shrink wrap to add a small even pressure and to protect the pack.

the packs came are a little oversized but over all pleased with the thickness less than 1.5 in

i will not be using a BMS on this.


those packs are awesome. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t solder them. so there’s 12 cells? two stacks of 6? 14Ah? that’s massive.


i have turned my attention to the motor mount and the drive train, for this board i’m using a 65T 5M HTD wheel pulley and a 16T 5M HTD motor pulley.

the wheel pulley is this from ebay i like that the price is unbeatable and it’s for 15mm wide belt.

by using this gear ratios the minimum distance from center to center of the pulley is around 103.87. that is if you don’t want to use a belt tensioner idle pulley which will increase the cost.

this is from

so with this restrictions i examine various Bolt-on motor mount configuration and finally settle on this:

using just one M6 screw to bolt the mount and a TRUCK RING, like the one used by @torqueboards, with the difference that this is specifically designed for the matrix pro 2 mountainboard truck. by the truck ring area, i included 2- M4 Set screw holes so i can use a 0.5 in plate of aluminium 6061.

The Front View

The back View

The bottom view

The side view

here you can see i included 3- M3 holes to install a bumper for motor protection and will design a pulley cover for the wheel hub.

for the Truck Ring this one gave me a lot of trouble, i don’t know what the guys at MBS are thinking with this cross section. they sure always want to give a big headache with the shape of their trucks.

The truck ring

here are some pics of the prototypes i made to check the fitting

on the truck the first version at 15.8750 mm ( 5/8 in). will use the 12.700 mm ( 0.5 in) that will do the same work without added weight.

a side by side comparison

Well that is all so far, now we just wait for this part to arrive. i order a batch of 10 mounts ill have 6 available in case somebody want to go this way.


Awesome setup! Those MBS Trucks are nice… Much better prices than Trampa’s setups too :smile:

Really nice work!

I’m also working on my own MBS truck mounts and was wondering if you would be willing to share the design of the truck rings? I’m also spending way too much time figuring out the right shape :frowning:

I’m using Fusion 360, but would be happy with anything I can use to get the measurements from.

Thanks! Erich

That Ben Hur deck by emotive longboards is epic!

I’ve ended up going with quite a similar design for my first board, with MBS Matrix Pro ii trucks, and 8 inch MBS wheels on a flat longboard deck. I hadn’t considered that mountainboard trucks need to be mounted at an angle on a flat deck, so that’s currently where I’m at. I have no experience or tools for working with aluminium, so I’m attempting to make something out of plywood! Should work as a prototype, even if there are issues longer term.

Not the easiest first build, with the big wheels and the need for big pulleys to get reasonable torque, but I really want to ride on all the grassy slopes we have around here!

Hope you’re still working on this, would be interested to see more.

hello the Ben Hur deck did not work for this project. i change deck and continue with another one you can see it here

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Where are you locate ?

I’m in rural New Zealand. Lot’s of grass and gravel, not so many smooth paved streets!

then what you need is a mountainboard they are really nice to ride and once you get use to it really fun

I don’t really like the idea of being strapped in, and wanted all the batteries and stuff to be hidden under the deck, so need that extra clearance of a flat deck. I guess I’m just going for a casual off-road board, inspired by the Evolve Bamboo GT. Proper mountainboards definitely look fun too though, maybe for my next build :slight_smile:

ok like the BK deck.

with that type of configuration you need to be very carefull with the position of the motors and the dimension of the truck base, the clearance is too tight there.

you can make a mock up out of wood, but i recommend aluminium it is safer

the truck mount i did by hand with a hacksaw, filers and a die set.

Sweet, that’s good to know. I’m not sure where to get aluminium tubing/sheets etc. from around here either, but I’m sure at least some of the local engineers could point me in the right direction. I am wondering if I might have been better off getting some different trucks designed for flat decks, but making an off-road board it seemed off-road trucks would be best!

The deck I got was this one

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Hi Kaly ! Cool set up you made here :wink:

Already have made the truck base using a aluminium tube of 3x2x0.25 in cut to a 35 deg angle, cover with a 3x0.25 aluminium bar them attached together with 8 M3 screws per base.

aluminium tube and bar you can get here:

IMG_7138.JPG2611x1958 844 KB

How did you make the assemblate of the 2 part don’t really see how the tube bar with the cover to mount to be mount to the deck ?

Love your R&D about the mount, how it works now ? :slight_smile:

Enjoy & good ride


The 2 part assembly was mounted to the deck by drilling holes in the top cover to Mach the mounting holes on deck and truck.

Ultimately I was not able to use this set up. Check my other bult

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I’ll buy one please contact me at [email protected]