Benchwheel Dual extending battery

Information. Benchwheel dual 1800w motors Battry 6s4p and it has a ESC/BMS Combo. I used this board on a daily basis for 6months… off train boarding in rain I took it evrywhere.,. its stil working awesome… only prob is battry life decreased a little and the motor power after the battry gets low. now im on a bugged cant spend alot… I was thinking about extending the old battry with a E bike battry… the E bike battry can be plug in on top of board and I can charge it separately, battry comes with own charger… i dont know alot about ESC/BMS Battry Amps Volts risk Is my idea possible ? if yes what kind of septup battry do i need what volts shud it have? wil this battry work ?

are you high @bisoe?


seriously though. that battery is no good. why not just parallel up some more 6S batteries? wack a 10,000mah 6S lipo in parallel and you’ll go for miles. and it’ll only cost you $100

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