benchWHEEL have you heard it? (boosted clone?)

Okay, basically, when you turn on the remote, (you can do this even without powering the board), push once of the RED button, it will switch from green top led to red lower led. But I think by changing the mode, you will just change the acceleration, from very slow to very fast. Be careful though not to sling shot the board.

*I didn’t connect to my board, thats why the bottom 3 LEDs is off and if you look real close to my remote, there’s a scratch marks when I tried to downhill long boarding and hit something, fell off, a month Emergency Leave.

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Thanks, I’ll try this the next time I get a chance to ride.

The first few rides were great, expect for the last one. The same thing happened to me with having to reset it constantly…I messaged the seller on Amazon about it since the manual says to contact the dealer about the flashing light. If I can’t get this sorted out, I’ll probably upgrade the esc with 2 vesc’s. Hopefully the bms is separate from the esc. Maybe I’ll get another battery for extended range.

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yep, I think if we do some modification to it, it will shine like normal diy e.sk8. Let me know if u do some alteration to your stock system m8. I plan to rip everything apart this weekend and see whats inside of it. Wish me luck. haha

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found this deal on Banggood. the shipping price looks like a mistake so i jumped onto it. hopefully all goes well. this will be my entry into Electric boards.

Cool. That’s how much I paid for mine on Amazon back in late November, but the price has gone up to $700 since then. Good to know it’s still available for that price elsewhere.

Did you manage to fix the resetting-issue with your board? And did you get any reply from the seller? (i’m still waiting for mine, ordered a couple of weeks ago on banggood).

Yeah, he said it was over current protection. Going from zero to full throttle and being really heavy will trip the over current protection. I don’t think the new boards with the purple pcbs have the same problems as others have mentioned.

I counted the teeth on the gears. I counted 48 to 16, so it’s a 3 to 1 ratio in case anyone was interested.

So I was riding at night on a street with no street lights earlier, and I was going up a driveway Well this driveway had a mini curb that I didn’t see since it was dark and I fell and hit the controller on the ground. Now my controller doesn’t seems to be working anymore. Any time I turn the controller on, all the led’s light up in sequence up and down repeatedly while it beeps every second. What does this mean? I don’t hear anything rattling in the controller housing. When I do get the controller to sync with the board, the wheels rev up by themselves. Anyone have any this issue? Waiting on a response from the seller. @NIK @Justin @sirjimmyvo

Banggood couldnt deliver so i ordered directly from benchwheel. Its lunar new years so my order wont be fulfilled for another 2 weeks. I don’t mind though since NYC is still covered in snow and wet streets

Same here, banggood could not give me a reason for not delivering but i guess it got stopped by customs (they are now issuing a refund). So i guess i’ll go DIY all the way now :smile:

@claudiofiore88 did you check the translated manual? I think it has a page with different error codes in it.

Did you look what’s happening on the inside of the remote controller? I have never experienced this before, but let’s wait others and seller response.

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@Justin No, I haven’t checked the manual.

@NIK the seller told me that he’s sorry that my remote is broken and that he’d send me a new one after the festival because the shipping companies are on vacation. I’m not sure if I’ll have to send the broken one back, so I don’t want to open it just yet

Any luck so far, it’s been a while has anyone found a way to fix the shutting off? I’m trying to solve a similar issue myself and I’m thinking about scrapping everything but the motors, mounts, trucks, and battery cells, any thoughts?

@LondonLongboarder mentioned a fix in another thread.

yep. check benchwheel surgery link.

it’s $180 on alibaba express. Based on your experience do you guys think it’s worth it??

I’m going to say no, $240 for maybe something good maybe not.

For $180 they are a reasonable set of dual motor trucks if you are on a tight budget. When Benchwheel came out with these (well over a year ago) they were considered the chinese ‘equivalent’ of the boosted board setup.

Motors are fairly solid 5065 / 270kv. However servicing them is not easy brackets are welded and you can’t adjust the belt. Your also pretty much stuck with the gear ratio…

Also look at Benchwheels remote (another boosted ‘copy’ and considered one of the better remotes for diy.