benchWHEEL have you heard it? (boosted clone?)

ive done some researching about diy and i found benchWHEEL dual motor kit with mounts and belts and the price is cheap with 270kv 1800w*2 motor and aluminum mount for 299.99 + 12.00 for shipping fee anyways here is the link

what do you think ?

This is intriguing. One of the reviewers states that he uses two VESC’s with this kit and that the motors are replaceable. It seems like the kit without the motors is worth the price alone. I imagine you could make an affordable 4 wheel drive setup with two of these. As for is it a boosted board clone? Definitely! Look at their remote! C’mon! :joy:

All we need is a guinea pig from this forum to cough up the cash, buy one and do a teardown. Any takers ?

Looks like there’s already a thread about it over at Endless-Sphere. Both @torqueboards and @longhairedboy were part of that discussion.

yeah i’d love to test these out but i’ve got my cash tied up in premium parts for a build i’m planning to sell.

they’re definitely worth testing though. They may be ideal for builds for younger riders.

I found their completes. It’s like $400 plus whatever the shipping costs. I wonder if it’s worth buying and upgrading with 2 vescs.

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I took the plunge and ordered their complete from Amazon. It’s only $549.99 with free shipping right now (probably for the holidays). For that price it seems like a nice platform for modding or upgrading. $550 for a DR setup, that’s unheard of. It probably won’t get here for a while. I’ll keep you guys posted. Only time will tell if this was a waste of money or not.


i’m glad somebody’s doing it. looking forward to the results!

lol I have just read the thread and actually own of this bench wheel board and currently trying to build another 1 from scratch. I don’t know why those board from China always suddenly turned off and I need to turn them on several times while riding it. Their customer assistant said that the Bench wheel got 60A ESCs, they are using fresh new chips from Texas Instruments, FOC dina-wave controller meanwhile their stock battery is 6s4p. When I got the board early June,2015 it was all fun and good. Damn I hate when I must turn on & off frequently while riding it. I wonder if thats because of thermal shutdown or the signals from transmitter/receiver is weak. hmm

I was supposed to receive my benchwheel e-board yesterday, but unfortunately I was at work, and it requires a signature. Oh well. I have to wait till Monday to pick it up from dhl express. I’ll see if I have a similar experience with having to constantly reset it although you did mentioned it was fine at first. Have you thought about modding it?

Yep. I want to rip it apart once I finish doing an e-board. Good luck and have fun bruv.

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i have to admit to myself every time i see them that i sort of like those motor mounts. There’s something rather elegant about them.

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Yeah, they do look quite nice. I received my board today. Pretty impressed by the quality. Haven’t had a chance to ride it yet. The thing I noticed though was that the belts seem to be set rather tightly. There doesn’t seem to be any way (that I noticed) to adjust the belt tension. Maybe @NIK can comment on that. Not sure if 3mm pitch is meant to be set tighter. I had set my belt tightly on my diy board which had an enertion kit, and the belt and pulleys got really hot really fast. I’m afraid that’s going to happen here.

Yep i cant adjust the belt tension too. Happy ride bruv. Let us know when u have more experience with the board. Ouh before i forgot, once, i ride the board in rain. Haha that was fun. Now I’m using hot glue gun to seal every sides on the enclosure so no water will come in. Without the glue, the board can handle puddle easily.

Realistically, if you know the belt size and pully size and never change the ratio you can set the motor the precise distance for best tension and not ever have to move or adjust it.

Can you elaborate? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what you’re saying.

have a look here

so the belt is a particular length, and the cogs are a particular size now assuming you have a good quality belt that doesnt stretch or change shape you can calculate the exact centre distance and cut your bracket to the precise size and never have to change the tension.

of course you can never change the gears to different ratios either. im not saying its a great idea. just saying that it’s a plausible configuration.


I finally got to ride it last night. Keep in mind I hadn’t charged it, so it was probably half capacity. It was 40 degrees out here in Chicago. Lol I remember riding my motorcycle when it was 50 out once. That was bad. I couldn’t feel my fingers. lol The acceleration is very slow and gradual (which is nice for beginners). I didn’t have to push start even with my fatass. Not sure what my top speed was, but my diy board was way faster. The belts, pulleys, and motors never got hot (even though I felt the belt tension was too tight). The braking was like night and day even with these 50mm motors vs how my diy board was with it’s single 63mm sk3 motor.

Maybe you can change the mode. If I’m not mistaken, there is “turtle” mode and “alligator” mode. Alligator is fast when it’s chasing chicken.

Yeah, I was just about to ask you about that. I didn’t see anything the manual. I probably overlooked it. How do you go about changing the mode?