Benchwheel remote battery indicator

Hi guys,

Does anybody has a Benchwheel remote which battery indicator is showing anything else than one lite red LED?

Mine never changes so I never know when it needs a charge…

Here is a pic:


To be clear, I have no pairing issues with the remote and it shows a blue LED while charging. Everything works great, except for that battery indicator.

I understand, the thread I linked shows that the one of the issues was the battery lights and that as because they sent him a scooter remote instead of the skateboard remote.

Mine works the same. Just one red LED for the battery .

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It only shows the one red LED on all remotes. You know when the remote is low because the red LED will start blinking. Other than that you can tell how much battery is left when you plug in the remote and see how many solid LEDs are on.


Super, that’s the answer I was looking for, thanks.

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DOH, I didnt understand that he didnt have it plugged up :slight_smile:.