Benchwheel remote + Reciever to RC ESC

I’m planning to strip down my Benchwheel and rebuild a custom one.

I want to reuse my Remote that came with the board and I had a spare receiver (brand new) from benchwheel which they sent me the other day. I was wondering if this receiver could be hooked up to a normal RC car esc. I don’t have much electronic skills so I’m not quite sure what to do if I can even do something with it.

The ESC I’d like to use is: HobbyKing® ™ 150A High performance Brushless Car ESC

I’ve tried this but the receiver won’t pair with the remote due to lacking a tx output from the benchwheel esc. Not sure it’s possible.

They do sell the remote specifically for diy builds though

Cheers. I hear that you also owned one of these boards if I’m not mistaken? Do you know how to fix the over-current shut down issue on acceleration? I’ve tried replacing the fuse and securing it but that only fixed it temporarily for a month. Now I can’t get that to stop happening.

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it’s an inherent flaw in the ESC firmware, you gotta ship it to benchwheel to have them upload the new one. Not worth it IMO. You can replace it with the VESC though. Though you’ll need to get a bms as well

Can you post more pics of the other side of the antenna? I have a version that looks different than that. I assume I have the older version.


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