Benchwheel Remote to Standard 2.4ghz Receiver

Hi guys, is it possible to, and if so, has anyone successfully paired a Benchwheel remote with a bog standard 2.4ghz receiver at all?

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I think the Benchwheel remotes uses Bluetooth.

No it’s definitely 2.4ghz

Cool, not sure why I thought that but I’ve been thinking that for weeks. I have 2 of them, I’ll try one in a flysky remote when I get back to town mk day if that helps.

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That’d be great, thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will be able to. The benchwheel uses and NRF24L01 transmitter/receiver and custom communication protocols.

Aww that’s a shame, thanks for giving me a definitive answer. Looks like I’m going to have to buy a remote & receiver, as they’re not doing the receiver on its own anymore! Got a remote and made a mistake and didn’t order a receiver too…! Doh!

@JLabs how do deal with trim issues with the Benchwheel remote?

You might have luck emailing benchwheel to get just a receiver.

Thanks. I’ll try.

I tried with a GT2B receiver today, no joy. Even used a bind plug and methods for 4 different remotes, never got a blip. Sorry dude.

Yeah I tried too. Thanks for trying. I’ve ordered a remote and receiver this time :frowning:

Has anyone here had issues with pairing the Benchwheel remote to the benchwheel receiver?

I have not, make sure you have the wiring correct tho, that seems to be the biggest mistake.

I’m very sure I have the wires correctly plugged in and have tried all the other variations. When I attempt to pair and have the vesc plug into the bldc tool in the ppm tab the display keeps flicking, but the remote does not work and the display continues to flicker. Any idea with my problem?

I have found that turning the remote on before the receiver gets it to pair quicker. I have not tried it with a vesc yet so have no comment on that

Can you take a look at this and see if theres something wrong? Thanks.