Because I have 2 board, 1 benchwheel and 1 enertion. I really want to do a major surgery to my china benchwheel board and perhaps upgrade it. More photos coming the way. Do u think that it is okay to cut off the motor leads for the sake of surgery? and re-do the wire afterwards.

I really not sure what this is, it says 80A on it, perhaps some kind of fuse?

If u can see the screws, I assume that is the ESC because when i turn on the board, i can hear the cooling fan where the screw run?

This is from the back of the aluminum enclosure. On the right, u can see the red button mounting point. On the left is the charging port.

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Looks like an 80a fuse to me of the automotive variety. It should pop right out. Not sure if I personally would cut my motor wires…are you sure you cant unplug them from inside the battery rail?

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I have opened up all the electronics. Good God I hate the hot glue gun (black goey thing). what a mess. In the cluster of wires coming out the battery, there is one small wire and I think it is the receiver wire.

Yep, it is an 80A fuse

Idk what are they saying

I can see they put the ESC at the bottom of a ‘something’ PCB. The silver thing i assume is a row of capacitor?

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After some cleanup, it looks fine. I’m thinking that if i run the receiver wire near the battery, perhaps it wouldn’t distort the signal to much.

less messy than previous one

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I just ordered this board, so i hope i don’t run into these connection/pairing issues. But for this price i can always just use it for parts (i like the boosted style motor mounts).

@NIK I see you found out that you don’t have to cut the motor wires. Well this might be a little to late for you, but here are some disassembly videos from Benchwheel themselfs.

Hi @Justin, thank you for the videos although that I am 90% cant understand chinese. Nevertheless, I did some minor surgery which is “isolate” the receiver wire from other wires and everything seems pretty fine. Except there is a hole and I need to fill it with something.

At first, I’m thinking of purchasing psychotiller enclosure, but, hell this board’s electronics is 24", and his enclosure max is 21" if I’m not mistaken.

Nice simple fix, does that completely fix the pairing/disconnecting issue? I was also thinking about doing a custom enclosure, so that it doesn’t raise the board from the trucks anymore. Maybe i’ll buy a longer deck fit on some Orangatang Kegel wheels if the pulleys would fit, can’t wait to get mine!

It sucks that you can’t easily upgrade the motors to larger 63mm motors because of the way the motor mounts wrap around the motors.

Do you find the motors are to weak? A 5065 dual 1800w setup sounds pretty powerfull. And what about replacing them with some Turnigy Aerodrives?

It’s not that they’re too weak. It’s that I’m too heavy. lol On flat ground they do just fine starting from a stand still. I just wont be climbing any hills with them. I’m just saying it’s more appropriate to have dual 63mm motors for my weight of 265 lbs+ if I want to climb hills.

I took mine apart last night.

I’m guessing the top pcb is the bms since the balance wires lead to it. The pcb sandwich is 20mm x 77mm x 185 mm. I wonder if it’s possible to fit 2 vesc’s.

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Yours seems like a bit different than mine. Do u want to mod it? I’m guessing u want to isolate the receiver wire.

Yeah, I guess I have a newer version. I have the C Board instead of the B Board, but I doubt that’s the reason. The purple pcb’s remind me of osh park. lol I don’t have a problem with pairing/disconnecting because I’m still able to brake when the led on the board starts blinking. I just can’t accelerate anymore until the board is reset. I’m guessing my error is due to too many amps being drawn because I’m so heavy, and/or I’m accelerating too quickly. If I take it easy on the throttle, then the problem doesn’t seem to accord.

Argh, i can’t wait to get mine (i also ordered the C-board). I’m 200lbs / 90kg so i hope i dont experience any problems. If i do i’ll probably test the setup with some Lipo batteries, to see if the amperage/voltage is causing the dropouts. If not then i’ll probably order the new dualvesc from ollinboards with a nunchuck :smile:

@NIK did your receiver mod improve the signal / fix the issue?

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Could you please make some pictures of the c-board deck? I can’t seem to find any info/side pictures of this version and i am wondering if there is a nice concave on it and how/if the front/back curves up etc.

Hi @Justin , I didn’t get any dropout since the minor mod. But we’ll see how it goes after several miles and I will post more update later. Enjoy and let us know what is your experience :smiley:

I hope this helps.

Yes it does. Thanks! Looks pretty decent for that kind of money :smile:

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any of you guys measured the output of the receiver? is it PWM?

Didn’t someone on endless-sphere confirm it was pwm? I don’t have an oscilloscope to test it.