Benchwheel torque upgrades?

G’day all,

I recently bought a benchwheel dual motor longboard, and like it a lot, but I’m hoping to make some changes to fit it more to my riding style. I’m 122kg and live in a fairly hilly area with bad pavement, so I’d like to fit some slightly bigger, softer wheels so I go flying less frequently. Obviously this is going to mean I take a hit on power, so I was wondering if there’s a way to trade off top speed for torque.

  1. can I just get two new motors of the same size with lower KV, or is the ESC going to get confused?
  2. it’s only got a 16A 6S battery - is that going to be enough?
  3. i get the impression that the board is limited by software (this is a very vague impression, apparently it’s a clone of another skateboard i can’t find the link to right now?) - is there anything that can be done on that side?

Apologies if i missed anything in the archives, just trying to work out what’s possible. Longterm I want to build a new board from scratch but it’d be good to know if there are any quick improvements I can make - I really don’t care about top speed, just want to be able to make it up hills.

if you want bigger wheels you will have to change gear ratio…probably different pulleys…I wouldnt change motors…

pulleys are 16-48, i think:

so i guess i could drop the 16 to 10 and just get a really extreme ratio?

If you change the size of either pulley, you need to make sure that there are enough teeth in contact with the pulley to transfer power. There are online calculators that will let you assess whether you’ve got a working setup based on the belt size and type paired with the distance between the two pulleys (the “center distance.”)

I don’t think that 10/48 will work without also drastically changing belt length. I guessing that the motor mount on the benchwheel doesn’t have a lot of adjustability. You may be able to make a minor change in ratio, but probably not this drastic.

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there’s no adjustability at all as far as i can see. I hadn’t thought about the teeth-in-contact issue, you’re quite right.

Here is a calculator, which shows you if you have negouh teeth in contact…(the numebr changes red if it is not enough)

ALso there is a way to avoid this: (they call it idler i think)

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You should have done more research before. This board is made to carry people from around 75kg. Your battery cant output enough power to get you up the hills. It’s like a bottleneck that keeps bottlenecking at every componement.

@mark I think you might be wrong there - the seller on amazon suggests a max weight of 250lb, or 113kg. (I’m still above that, but only a little. In general the board rides great and I don’t regret the purchase, I’m just looking for ways to eke out a little more torque.)