Bergmeister AT wheels or 97mm Re-Fly? POLL

I think the poll has been up for 2 hours and you like instant gratification, don’t you? come on admit it!

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instant and unlimited gratification is nice


do you want to just give me your presupposition to what the result would be and what you think is really best or point me to a few threads that can tell me this?

Im trying to build something to use everyday travel to work its replacing a wowgo 2s (paris trucks and deweddged for speed). the 97mm would be a marked improvement on current setup but every video and premium board uses AT wheels

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Im curious what you mean by this


My experience is that urethane wheels makes it a fun ride and “AT”/pneumatic wheel makes it a chill ride. It’s a totally different experience.

With the thanes I’m constantly looking in front of me for debris, cracks and just bad roads in general. With pneumatics, I look around my surrounding nature or neighborhood a lot more.

I’m going to vote that if this is your FIRST build, go with the 97mm Re-Fly as long as you don’t have really bad roads. you get more torque off the line and it helps with building up that addiction many of us have and build a second board


i was a streetboarder(snakeboarder) for about 10 years i defiantly know what you mean about it being a transport around the city and for on cement… i will probably get both sets of wheels and see which i prefer but to do even that will require selecting the right trucks and mounts from the start :slight_smile:

i do think it has to be the surfrods for the landyatchz myself now.


So you get it then, I think you would appreciate the limitation of thane. Ya try both and report back on the experience…not the performance…

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I had tried a lacroix before, I also don’t mind bringing my board anywhere I go even to class. Trust me, you won’t go back unless it’s worth it LMAO. image

Edit: Cold weather and leftover snow here in Montreal never stopped me :slight_smile:


Wow you sound full of yourself. Glad to have people like you to define skateboarding for us.

*you deleted what im replying too…


Dont bother skunk, you wont get his distinguished point of view

kidding squish, but really that wall of text sounds a little high-horsey


Great, I guess my new wheels will work for my new build…ethically speaking image


I grew up in Venice Beach with a 13 foot halfpipe in my backyard and learned how to ride a skateboard before ever touching a bike. Literally every time skateboarding advances into more uses/styles/design theres that one guy trying to defin what a skateboard is and how its used. They love to toss around the word “noob”. I just hate that mentality.


Well, first off, I think a comparison to Abec11 107mm or Torqueboards 110mm wheels would be better options for this poll to close the size gap and make the decision more about pneumatic vs thane. Although ethically speaking, if you wanted to be a super authentic OG skateboarder, you’d be rolling around on roller skate wheels made out of STEEL, and you wouldn’t have any stupid, unethical motors propelling it. Just you, pushing, with no helmet. That’s the most ethically legit way to roll. But honestly, when it comes to “ethics” in skateboarding, I don’t think most of us have a clue or care what that means. Just follow your own path, ride what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to think outside of the enclosure.

Seriously though, there are a lot of factors and no right or wrong answer. It should mostly come down to what, where and how you want to ride, and what will provide you the best experience and minimize the dreaded “street face”.


I hadn’t thought of a flat tire. Good point.

I ride both right now. My neighbor has an evolve with AT tires and I have a DIY with Orangatang Caguama 80s on it (we trade boards a lot just to try the other experience). I love the feel of my Caguamas when the road is nice, but his board rides smoother and it’s much safer for commuting in my opinion. There is construction in our neighborhood and he can run right through that area but I have to slow down because of all the debris in the road. I’ve seen him hit things in the road that would have chucked me off my board.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I love the piece of mind that his wheels give me for commutes but I still like my wheels for more intense rides on roads that I can trust. That being said, I’ll probably be switching to AT tires and a bigger battery in the future. I’m getting too old for the pain of getting tossed off my board these days.

Edit: Not that it should matter much, but I’ve been riding skateboards since the late 80s but just started riding esk8s about 6 months ago.

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One word. Slime.

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(actual LOL)


It’s up to the individual what they want to ride and how. I have both on my boards and enjoy both.

Also please stop with the SKATEBOARDS bullshit as if you’re some kind of expert, your build thread for your latest board is pretty basic and somehow you value your own opinion as some kind of pedigree. We all enjoy skating bud, calm down.


yay I’ve missed ’ put you in your place’ Brent :smiley:

all that drama and now its dried up… :woozy_face:

2nd board the wowgo 2s is my current board(proof of concept) which i use daily to commute to work and this will be my second but first DIY.