Bergmeister AT wheels or 97mm Re-Fly? POLL

From what Linus Torvalds :slight_smile: was telling me in private once you go AT you never go back…

Please help me settle this in my mind and decide what i need to build for my first board. I just cant decide whats best (same problem choosing the deck but thats settled on a landyatchz evo but to decide on trucks, motors and mounts i need to first decide on wheels…

  • Bergmeister 6" AT wheels.
  • 97mm Re-fly electric sk8 wheels.

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If i go with a landyatchz, dual 6374 and Bergmeister wheels will the extended caliber trucks fit without wheel bite or do i need to go for something huge like the TB218 or SurfRods 200mm extended axels?


With dual 6374 you would need TB 218

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I think caliber trucks are too narrow for pneumatic wheels in general.

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It also depends what you want out of the board.
Pneumatic tires are a softer ride but do cut your range down. You only need longer axles if you plan on running pullys with integrated bearings. (Highly recommend)

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it would be the caliber 2 trucks with extended axels im sure i read somewhere they can fit dual 6374 with AT wheels… if not ill stick with TB218s or SurfRods

You could always get the complete drive train from Haggy. Just got mine and it’s awesome.



Im pretty sure some guys were having wheel bite issues with the haggy trucks + pneumatic + evo deck.

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I want something that does 25mph, can cruze over cracks and potholes, has 12miles of useable fun range for a 100kg gorilla…

No idea on drive train or motor mounts or ESC yet but i only want to do this once so do feel free to start an argument and convince me


Do you have a battery in mind yet?

that looks nothing like what they sell on their website. I need dual motors for the better breaking

12s4p readymade job that fits @bigben enclosure for the landyatchz 97 evo

this one

I have duals, the other side is just not mounted yet :smiley: Trust me, the products are excellent and as everybody says Timo (@riverside.rider) is a fantastic guy to deal with.


That’s their kit. Just single drive installed

Agreed. Timo is a great guy and haggy is putting out great products at very fair prices.

But. If he’s set on a evo deck im pretty sure he’ll have clearance issues.

I know I saw a thread where someone put haggy drivetrain on a evo and the wheels hit the deck at full turn. Let me try and find it… ( @Riako or @topcloud do you remember who did that? Evo + haggy wheels and trucks)


so far 7 for AT wheels no-one for 97mm its pretty unanimous

@linsus you were right

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im not dead set on the evo deck but it does look like one of the best options with enclosures available.

Ive also spent many hours drooling over the subsonic decks talon 36,37 but they look like they will have even more motors/AT wheel clearance issues.

This is really bloody hard to choose what to build and not get it completely wrong

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If you haven’t purchased the Evo yet… Pm me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m stickin to urathane (get it? :wink:)

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If you added a both option I would have gone with that, I like the pneumatic soft ride and practically but as long term skater good thane wheels transformed Esk8 for me! (I had Bajaboard for years, never got the “wait this is kinda weird ‘endless sphere’ really is totally spot on!” monment until I had thane)

…I bet @riverside.rider would give you a deal on his thane when you get the others :wink:

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once you get a flat tire on a SKATEBOARD, you will never add another point of failure to your SKATEBOARD and go back to keeping it simple…