Bergmeister tyres on AliExpress’s 6x2 wheels

Seeing that marcmount wheels fit both AliExpress’s 6x2 tyres and bergmeister tyres I take it that bergmeister tyres will fit the AliExpress wheels?

Is my logic elementary my dear Watson or hideously flawed?

I’m also really interested by an answer to this question !

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Well, the aliexpress tyres fit berg rims, i’m assuming it’ll be safe to assume the opposite is true too. I will be able to help you confirm in 8 hours when I get home.

Just curious, why would you not want to use berg rims with their tyres?


edit: yes, Bergmeister tires work on the AliExpress 6x2 wheel, too.

likewise, 6x2 on Bergmeister rims:

fullsizeoutput_2328 fullsizeoutput_232b 204CBEB7-AC18-40DD-95F2-88742A021390


@topcloud comes through, these look good! More contact patch as well from these tyres

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Purely financial… got the Ali rims on my board already. I’m very happy with the cheapo 6 x 2 tyres they work well on and off road as long as it’s not too muddy. The only reason to change rubber is if the bergmeister tyres give better range. I’m averaging around 35Wh / mile with 50% trails and limited high speed. If I tank around on roads at 30mph with lots of hard acceleration that goes up to 44Wh /mile.