Bergmeisters: Do I really need to go on a diet or why do I get flats?

Dear all,

no, you don’t need to go on a diet to ride the Bergmeisters!

A few people reported that they got flat tires on the Bergmeisters, even though the PSI was in an acceptable range.

It seems that we are to blame for some of these flats. It turns out that our Bergmeister design is not optimal in that a sharp edge can occur around the inner tube’s valve stem. That can happen if both rim halves are not perfectly matched (when screwed together).

For the next production batch we will slightly modify the design, so as to avoid this issue altogether.


The good news is: there is a VERY SIMPLE solution for all of you, that are currently riding the Bergmeisters. You will no longer experience any accidental punctures around the valve stem by using a silicon o-ring. We have tested it and it works very well (See picture below).


So what do you need to do? Send us an email to [email protected] with information on:

a) how many Bergmeister sets do you have

b) first name / last name

c) phone number

d) address

and we will send free of charge the silicone o-rings to you. Please note that these o-rings can be re-used, so do not throw them away in case your inner tube has been nailed.

So our apologies for those flats. We will start shipping out the o-rings from Tuesday onwards.

cheers Timo & Jeff

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I did get a flat . have to open and check to see where. Used the new tubes. But have to see if it had the ring

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i ordered a set of green wheels and spare inner-tubes and tyres with them… will they come with the o-rings?

Does the o-ring sit at the same level as the rim? Or does it sit on top, the idea being that it won’t allow the tube to bend far enough to hit the rim cutout? The one in the picture looks a bit wide.

Also, what are the dimensions of the o-rings? Might be simpler to just get some locally than have you send them :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there @rusins: the o-ring sits below (i.e. on the inside of the outer tire) the rim. this prevents the edge to press into the area where inner tube meets valve.

We use a silicone o-ring with the dimension: ID 8 / OD 16mm, 4mm thick

We purchased these o-rings in bulk and we want to make this right to all of you by sending these free of charge to you.

Attached pictures for reference:

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i commend you on your excellent business practice of putting issues right and admitting that there was an issue to sort, and sorting it and making all the customers right!

thank you for amazing looking wheels.


Thanks sir! Easy enough to get them ourself :slight_smile:

How many psi do you suggest for a 180 pound person?


will the current batch ship with o-rings if we buy them now?

Hi @jasonbhuynh: YES, all batches ordered now will include the O-rings :slight_smile: Hi @DAddYE: PSI depends on the terrain you ride on: we tested 90kg ranging from 60psi to max 70psi without a problem.


I was riding at 80psi lol

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Hi @DAddYE: impressive…the issue we face is…it is possible (as we can see in your case) to ride with a very high psi…however, these tires have not been tested by us running at such high psi in various terrains and with various weights and we cannot tell people it is ok to ride at these pressures, given the lack of reliable data etc. so please be careful :slight_smile:


Thank Sagan. I just thought I was fat.


noone sais you’re NOT fat. :kissing_heart:

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I thought my roads were terrible! I’m glad Timo is standing by his product.

I’ll buy Bergmeisters again because I love them

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UPDATE: up to now we have sent out quite a few envelopes with the silicone o-rings to those that have sent us an email.

this weekend, we will be contacting all customers who have directly purchased the Bergmeisters from us. Apologies if you get a duplicate email.

To all have a good weekend.

best regards Timo


I still got to email you guys for the rings

Hi all - just wanted to say that Timo hooked me up with the silicone rings and a bit more for free, even though I purchased the bergmeisters off of another member and not directly from him. Definitely a good vendor.