Berlin meetup in Fab Lab | EU | 17.02.2017 |

It’s freezing cold in Germany, but I honestly hope for the weather forecast to be true (around 8°C) on February 17th so we we will be able to test drive The Hyperboard in cool area - Fab Lab Berlin on Prenzlauer Allee.

Let’s meet.


Hi aikokami, at what time of the day?


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19:00. Prenzlauer Allee 242

See you on Friday the 17ths. I’ll bring my pocket rocket. Hopefully the snow is gone till then. Das Parkhaus am Gleisdreieck ist aber immer gut für eine Fahrt - und immer leer.

Frank from Trampaboards.

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super cool!

Bis nachher! Der Termin steht noch, oder?


Yep! We are packing up and getting ready!

tss, in the middle of the week! make it weekend the next time and i might take the 2hour ride to berlin! :smile:

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Aw man, I missed this thread completely :frowning: Anybody interested in doing another meetup in Berlin? Maybe a weekend one? :smiley:

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Uh yes i should have seen this earlier also :confused: might have visited just the.makerspace…

Me too… Weekend would be definitely better!