Best 18650 for E-boards?

What are the most suitable 18650 cells for Eboards?

I bought a bunch in the group buy we did weeks ago but what makes those cells better than others?

We bought

due to space constraints & the common desire to have high performance & the lightest weight boards it means esk8ers must go for 18650 cells that have high discharge rates (>=8c), there are only a few that have high discharge rates whilst still offering an acceptable capacity.

Samsung 25R LG HE2 & HE4

however, each year new versions come out with increased capacity, high discharge rates & various new chemical compositions.

If you can fit more than 40 cells on your rig it opens up the door to some other alternative 18650 cells, other than the ones i mention above. Ones with lower discharge rates.

The minimum you want your pack to be able to output is at least 40-50amp continuous without hurting itself.

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LG HG2 also look good (20a discharge, 3000mah capacity), but they are a bit more pricey. Sony VTC cells are good too if you can find authentic ones.

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there is a pretty big price difference between the two cells. like 55 cents. which is pretty big if i buy a 100 or so.

why is that you think? whats better

The lg hg2 at 3000mah and 20amp discharge per cell is a nice mid-point as it has more capacity than the high drain cells but it still is pretty high drain ability. They’re also the safest li-ion chemistry. Go brown.

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Hi Onloop

What constant discharge rate would you reccomend to run two of your 6374 motors on a mountainboard? I am planning on using 10s but unsure of how many P using 3ah cells with 15a constant discharge with 2 x torqueboards esc

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