Best 3D printer/CNC Machine(s) for the $ (say under 2K total for both)

I am looking for all the “makers” out there that have owned/used 1 or more of these machines. I was looking at the BOxyz which will hot swap between CNC router, 3D print or engrave, but not cheap. I want a medium level machine for my own use, not trying to go into biz on the side or anything. Can you buy a decent CNC router and a 3D printer for under 2K? I want to use with Solidworks CAD software (which I already own). Fire away!

Stepcraft makes some pretty cool stuff, but its above the $2k mark unfortunately.


Thanks for the info. I checked it out. Look like nice machines!

BOxyz complete package is like $3800 with CNC head, 3D print head, and engraver head. A bit more than I want to spend.