Best >97mm Kegel wheels?

Lined up a pair of APS 6374’s along with dual 4.12 VESC’s and a 10s4p LG HE4 Battery Pack Last parts of my first build to find are the drivetrain and wheels

Currently I’m thinking of a FatBoy Nano with a set of Kegel wheels

My question to you, the community is what you think is the best set of Kegel core wheels that are 97mm or greater?


boa wheels maybe?

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The constrictors look amazing, but I’m not super keen on the red :frowning:

the whites are just sold out, but i don’t like the red either. maybe tb’s wheels.

enertion 97mm lol, there’s basically nothing else

everything greater than 97mm with kegel cores

enertion wheels boa wheels tb wheels (production estimated between February and later.)

and you can count those out since they’re no longer made in labada (though the 97’s never were if im not mistaken)

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Ollin do 90 s that are sweet

Leaves 2mm ground clearance

otherwise 90’s would be perfect for this build :frowning_face: