Best affordable drone for recording while riding?

I’m currently trying to make a video that will involve a couple of scenes from high in the air while a friend is riding my e-board. I don’t have a drone and a definitely don’t have 4K lying around to get a professional recording drone. Does anyone happen to know of a drone with a decent camera and follow capabilities? I’m hoping for something in the 300-600 USD range. Always open to DIY options, but I’m not very good at coding so a guidance system would be tough. What kind of drones do you all use for recording?

Not sure if it is available yet but I have heard of something called a flying selfie stick not sure of cost either

Just checked it is us $399

Looks cool but it goes off of facial recognition… i’d like to be shooting vids from the back. I think recording with a motorcycle helmet on at high speeds would be tough as well if I want it to follow me because then it can’t see my face at all

Lily drone. It was very cheap on kickstarter. Now it is 999 USD. Maybe get it second hand or rent it even?

DJI phantom 3 advanced with litchi app is the cheapest that can do follow me at 2.7k 30fps. Great drone. Around $700 on amazon prime.

I’ll check it out, thanks for the help everyone!