Best battery setup for 6355 torque boards 190kv motor

Hi, I built my skateboard about a year ago and used for a while but havent touched it in a very long time. I ended up ruining my batteries by letting them drain to zero. i had 3 3s 5000 mah batteries before and was wondering what the best batteries i should use would be, whether it be lipo or li-ion.

I think a 10s setup is ideal for that. Decent headroom from the erpm limit and plenty of power even for a hilly city. I run 2 5s lipos myself and its been great, excluding all the other unrelated issues i have with my board.


12s4p is amazing for 6355s


im also looking to use a bms with my batteries what would you reccomend?

Iv been looking into the panasonic NCR18650DB cells. the have a low c rating per cell, but making a 10S4P or 10S5P will up your c rating to 8 or 10. plus they have a 10A continuous 12A surge rating if i’m reading the spec sheet right. 4.2v per cell with a 3400mAh capacity. so not bad considering you can find them for $2.5 a cell. so putting them in a 4 or 5p configuration will give you a minimum of 40 amps continuous discharge rate which i think will more than satisfy a dual motor setup when putting down the throttle.

A lot of options… boils down to your preference.

The two most common brands i see mentioned here are supower and bestech. A lot of people have had success with unnamed bmses from aliexpress as well too. Theres even some that have bluetooth apps that let you see individual cell voltages.

Then theres the debate of whether or not to bypass discharge.

I think they are all valid options but if you want to know what I personally run, I use the supower 10s 60a model with discharge not bypassed.