Best Budget Board or will it "Backfire II"

Backfire II - GALAXY

Hey guys this is my current compilation of information regarding the Backfire II, nothing special just thought I would share what I have found for this budget board. Current reviews

Apparently the units for sale on alibaba are sample unit which contains no water potting sealant, wheels which are the wrong tolerance because they are from the first 1000 batch and a whole host of other potential issues with battery life, I cannot confirm this but I would stick to buying them from backfire

This reddit discussion has some info in it if you are looking for more context

Anyways I’ll update this in the future, give me your thoughts of what you think.

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Oh, sorry didn’t see the thread, you mentioned that there is a better option out there, what can you give as an example if you don’t mind couldn’t find much myself

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@Michaelinvegas thx!