Best budget vesc

I’m looking for a decent vesc for around $100. I was looking at purchasing this one Does anyone have any comments on this? Or any better vesc ideas?

I’ve got this for sale if you’re just looking for a single.


Heat sink version?

Yarp, it is.

I might be interested in that

It’ll run the 60A you can pull from your battery all day long and I don’t think they get issues with 10s

How long would it take to ship it?

I’m planning a trip to the post office Monday. But idk where you are so hard to say.

I’m in Ohio

3 days at most from Monday im guessing.

I think I’ll take that off your hands, how and when would I pay you?

PayPal works. Tomorrow or Monday before i ship it. Pm me your address.

Okay, can you send an email for PayPal?

@ZachTetra you have an extra remote with receiver you can hook this guy up with at a good price?

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@JoelMatousek hit me in the PMs and I got a mini with paired receiver I’ll sell you

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Flipsky vescs work fine and are very affordable

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i’ve got two flipsky vescs form aliexpress for about a hundred quid total. i’m running them in 12S sensored FOC and they’re still running without problems. great stuff


Yeah, I just got one, hopefully it works good

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How are those vesc holding up? do you have a seller on the site that you could suggest?

They’re holding up well. They’re in my chill and long distance board so i’m not putting a lot of load on them, so havent stress tested them.

€ 54,33 20% Off | HGLRC FLIPSKY FSESC 50A V4.12 ESC Electronic Speed Control for Electric Skateboard RC Car Boat E-bike E-scooter Robot

I got them from this seller but you can find even cheaper if you search for flipsky fsesc in the app. I don’t know how shipping is to the united states but i got free shipping and it took about 3 weeks