Best Electric Skateboard For Under $450

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When people decide they want to build an electric skateboard for the first time, the often have a fairly tight budget, I know I certainly did!.

So I made this video explaining what you should buy to build a GOOD cheap eboard!


thanks for featuring my motor mount! :slight_smile:

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no problems, it was really nicely made!

Will the Paris trucks need modification to fit the enertion pulley system?

Yea I wasn’t sure if the motor mount would clamp on with round trucks, and I also just wanted yo know what is the top speed of this board?

Yeah, they need modification. Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of DIY-ing tho :slight_smile:

For me the budget is very important. Thank you for your sharing.

Best Longboard Brands

What above a cover for the battery and electronics?


Wow, your video is very amazing, and it motivates me to build an electric skateboard for my son but due to my busy schedule I can’t, so, for now, I am thinking to buy one for him.

I listed some of the best electric skateboards but I am baffled which one could be best for him. Also, he never rides an electric skateboard, so even I am scared for him.

Maybe you guys could help me in selecting the best one from these three. If you guys know more about these boards or something which would be vital for me to understand, then please inform me.


I am going to purchase it soon so your comment will be helpful for me.

Don’t get the Swagboard or anything with hub motors

Great response, very informative and objective :roll_eyes:.

There is obviously no way Hubmotors can fit someone’s requirements better than outboard motors…

I think the best budget board to buy would be either the wowgo or meepo board.

For a bit more you could also get a used evolve or boosted board.

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A used good board would be a far better option than a new crappy board.


Maybe you should Look for them:

  1. LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard - 6 mph maximum speed and the 16-mile range before the battery needs to be recharged. The high output 900 W motor accomplishes this.

  2. M1 Premium Electric Skateboard - Its light enough to carry under your arm, has USB connectivity plus you switch the batteries out in a matter of seconds. It’s an excellent investment with a lasting, high-quality build.

Or else You can look for Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard well it has a hub motor, but it is an entry-level model uniquely designed for kids above eight years.

The speedometer, brake system, and acceleration of this skateboard are customized keeping in mind the safety of kids. You can know more about Dynacraft from here.

Check this out this guy he has tried everything

YouTubers trying boards out on camera tells you little to nothing about the thing that matters the most, which is whether it will break after a week with no/expensive parts available to fix it or if it is built well and will last. Or if it’s the “waterproof” kind of waterproof or the “not-waterproof” kind of waterproof. Because everything says waterproof on the box. No “first impression” will tell you that. You need a review of one that’s been ridden daily for 3 months. Good luck finding those reviews. Probably because most of those cheap boards don’t last near that long.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions I will really look forward to them. In the end I just need a board which will be easily ride-able by my son.

I don’t know much about electric skateboards, so can you explain me why hub motors are not good?

A brief high-level overview is that longboard wheels are designed to be the best wheel for a longboard, period. Outboard motors are designed to be the best motor for a longboard. Hub motors are designed to be the cheapest wheel and motor combination. They are a design of compromises - where nothing is as good as it can be. One of the few advantages they have is cost. When my safety is on the line, I want something that’s designed to be safe, not something designed to be cheap. Hub motors have a higher failure rate than regular motors because they run hotter. When motors fail, brakes fail. Hub motors’ wheel coatings are nowhere near as durable as a regular wheel and they offer much less bounce and rebound from bumps. Electric skateboards by their nature take a lot of abuse while they are being used. Motors need to stay cool and need to be bigger in order to work better. Wheel polyurethane needs to be thick and bouncy in order to work better. Wrapping a motor with that is like putting a blanket on it, plus the added size constraints it puts on the motor. Basically, if you want quality, try to get outboard motors. Also then you can use any wheels and not be vendorlocked to whomever makes the “wheel wrapper” for that motor. Wheels wear out. If you want to change the trucks, wheels, bearings, motor, gear ratio, or tweak basically anything you won’t be able to unless you get a real setup.