Best gear to kill mountains?

Hi there! I’m planning my first built, as I live amongst mountains I’ll need a small beast to kill the hills. I think I’m gonna go for a Trampa deck AT tyres, dual 120KV motors 2500w each, dual FOCBOX and am not sure yet of the battery… has anyone similar hilly conditions to ride? What do you ride on mountain terrains?

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For extreme hills Lipos win, just make sure they are high c rated, anything above 60c is great. I would advise either turnigy (cheaper) or gens ace (better but pricey)


Graphene lipos are the bom and gens ace are the best bang for buck.

Yes, Turnigy Graphene are so far best Li-Poly at the moment, I had them stay without use for 2 months still rocking same distance, I am also charging them with 3C and they don’t even get warm :slight_smile:

Also if you going to go hills, get bigger motors, like 6380 or 6384 because those 2.5kW are a bit child’s play :smiley:


Graphene are the best, but still you need to keep an eye on their temperature during a heavy ride. I stress tested them a couple of weeks ago, going uphill (mountain road, 21,5A average for 35 min, non-stop) and they reached the cutoff being quite warm and a bit puffy. The key is the cooling. They were in a sealed box without any cooling/ventilation system. :confused:

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You are going to need a chain drive for sure, or some kind of direct drive

I just found these from hobbyking, 3 of 'em harnessed togheter using a BMS I’ve seen a post in the forum of someone who did it… so It should be 12s1p and around 6600 mAh

I found Turnigy graphene 75C 6s 4000MAH, are there any better suppliers? I would harness togheter two of 'em to have 12s power, I forgot to say that I’ll go for a 6380, do you think I should go for 4kW motors?

yep, I’m thinking about E-Toxx direct drive on trampa trucks or maybe chaindrive on MBS matrix pro, not sure yet though, I don’t trust belts if I have a too powerful sys

Superstar hubs/ other 5 spoke equivalents have the most products that fit them

Sorry to jump in Off topic but putting 3 3S 2200 mah lipos in Series will give you 12S but the capacity will remain 2200 mah.

In Series only the Voltage adds up, the capacity will stay the same. Oh and by the way, 2200 will be much to few. You should aim for 8000+mAh.

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cheers man, no need to apologize, I’m a newbie and I am still learning a lot of electronic stuff… that’s why I ask to you guys, you have surely more knowldege to share than me and I don’t wanna mess up… looking around I find lipos with high mAh or high C, but not all togheter, should I go for a custom made one or there are lipos with high discharge rate and lots of mAh?

3 x 3s is 9s.

Try gens ace lipo for high capacity and high discharge.

And you might wanna get lower kv motors for 8 inch wheels. 170 or 190, even 140 if you’re not gonna go fast and want torque.

12s1p and 2200mah, not enough. Not even close. I’d imagine you would want 12Ah ish to get some more distance.

Close, 3*3 is 9s, he identified 4s packs. But they were still to small

Edit: my post didn’t go through till later…

and what about 6 of these wired up in series and parallel? that should increase the mAh around 11000 mAh and keeping a fast discharge rate, wouldn’t it?

I have no idea where you got 11000mah from, but you will either get 12s 5000mah If you connect them in series, or 2s 30000mah If you connect them in parallel.

honesly I just had a look to some calculation made by a guy on the website, which he says u can harness togheter in both ways and with 5000mAh 6 pack I would be able to reach 11k mAh:roll_eyes:

What kind of range are you looking for? That will help to decide what capacity batteries you can get away with, but generally, 5Ah is about the minimum. At 12s, 5 Ah will only give you ~222Wh of capacity/range. Climbing steep hills, you might use ~30+Wh/km, which would get you ~7.4km, which might be closer to 6km in reality since you won’t get or want to use 100% of the rated capacity. Also, the larger capacity batteries you get, the lower C-rating you can get away with, but higher is still always better if you have the $$$.

These would be about what your looking for in either a 12s1p pack or 12s2p but either way it would be hella expensive.

Honestly for that sort of money you would almost be better off with Li-ion and just making a huge battery to mitigate sag, or have enough range that it won’t even matter. Something like 12s8p with Samsung 30q cells that would be about 160a real would discharge and a range of anywhere between 30km and 100km depending on how hard and how many hills you bomb up. It would also only cost about 350€ (not including spotwelder)

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thanks man I really appreciate the help, unfortunately I gotta keep the budget low atm… what I’m thinking is something like this, 6 connected in series and parallel (about 180 eu) in this way I should be able to double the capacity in parallel and the others connected in series to double the voltage, but if I go for this solution I’ll have around 22v system… you asked me the range that I want, 20k if it’s fun is enough atm, later I’ll upgrade the battery with the one u suggested me…