Best glue for plastic to 5.5 bullet

hello i had this bullet riser made from shapeways, and it looks perfect! the hole for the bullet connectors is just a little to big so they slide right through. what is the best glue to hold these bullet connectors in? i was thinking a 2 part epoxy would be fine, but if anyone has any better suggestions don’t hesitate :wink:

The pressure from the motor wires going against the wires coming out the end of the female bullet connector should keep them from really moving worst case heat shrink them together and slide it into the hole.

yes but i have to have it seated in there because i need to solder 12awg wire underneath. also sticking them together wont make it bigger.

solder it before then side it in as long as it isnt mounts it should be pretty easy. 2 part should be fine just make sure if can withstand the heat

I’m guessing hot glue would be fine, but I’f not use crazy glue

ok i am going to have to use some kind of glue just tested a piece of heatshrink around it and its to big. also i want it to not be able to move around in there i want it to be solid. if i just soldered it then slide in there, the bullet connector would still slide around. unless you are saying solder it first then epoxy them into place.

material of the riser?

polyethylene cant really be glued because of negative polarity. check the polymer first than think of gluing.

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Epoxy Even if it doesn’t really stick it’ll get into any layers and hold it in place.

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i used black

it doesnt make sense to me to use polyamide for risers since the water absorption is so high which can cause stress cracks under heavy load/vibrations. not my jobsite…

polyamids are good for glueing. my recommendation: modified polyurethane; loctite 3951or any glue on methacrylate base

are you saying i picked the wrong material for them to print this @Acidfie ?

I only use epoxy when I am gluing drastically different materials together…just try some good 5 min epoxy…

well i just read that this is polyamide 12 which has a lower water absorbtion and does not get stress cracks easily. this pick is alright but i would’ve used it with 30% glass fibres or even ABS

stick to loctite or acrylate base glue

I used hard plastic risers on my latest build up until a while back when I swapped to softer shock pad type risers. The difference is chalk and cheese. I won’t use a plastic riser again. If want this kind of functionality then I think riptide were talking about perhaps making something along these lines?

@Acidfie can you take a look at what they have to offer that i can mold that riser out of that would be the strongest durable? i will order a new one if it will be better than the one i just had them make.

This is what I was thinking about.

Well, what do you want? Do you want hard risers or soft risers? More dampening or less? I prefer hard risers because I have a better feeling while driving.

For hard ones the best suitable is ASA/PETG w/ glass fibers when using 3D printers.

For soft ones, I would use like Ben said polyurethane, which come in different shore hardnesses. Maybe optional would be another elastomer when there’s a need of softer ones

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@Acidfie i want it to be hard, im looking on there site and i dont see any materials called ASA or PETG. i am not using this as a riser, only for simply routing the cables neatly underneath the trucks, i will be putting a 1/2" riser on top of this mold.

but this will between your trucks and deck - its a riser. if they do not have it you could probably try the one you have right now. it wont break after 1 ride, it wont break after 10 or even 100 rides, but it could break at a time!

just, maybe check it all 250km just to make sure. if they dont offer ASA or PETG, then they wont likely have it.