Best Hub Motors

I encourage an unbiased discussion on the best performing hub motors from USER experiences. I am starting this thread also because there are quite a few new users (or old users) who have not looked too far into hub motors and don’t know what is best for their situation.


I just ordered DIYelectricskateboard’s hub motors. Gonna get them late July for my very first board. Will comment on them when everything is set up. (:slight_smile:

please don’t use this thread for a place to advertise. We are focusing on unbiased discussion.

Are we just comparing finished solutions or do we also want to discuss something like getting a regular can and turning it into a hub?

I ordered hummies. They should arrive soon. I posted a video comparing jacobs vs hummies. The reviewer liked Jacobs but who knows it might be biased.

It would also be nice to talk about DIY hubs yes :slight_smile:

I will hopefully be ordering @torqueboards new single hub kit tonight. Don’t know how it compares specs wise, but I had a great experience with the motor mount kit. I’ll let everyone know how it holds up

Anybody have any experience with these EMF hub motors?

They’re only $299 for dual hub motors with trucks, and I love the all black look.

Rated at 2000W peak, so I’m guessing they’re 500W continuous, unless that “2000W peak” is a combined output, which would make these around 250W continuou each. Not a lot of hills where I am and I’m sick of popping rocks out of my outboard’s gears and breaking/aligning belts.

There is a wealth of narrative on that topic lol check

Controversial lol

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They are good you just have to fix some pretty simple issues.

I am not sure if he will actually be able to get them from Jacob with all the people out there that still don’t have received their order. But have to agree - so far amazing motors (even at 28V and a 15A limit set per VESC the board accelerated faster than I did ;))

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yes, probably have to pick up one of the sets listed recently, lightly used or not even used.