Best LiPO Battery for audrino spot welder

What LiPO Battery would you recommend for the audrino spot welder? I checked the website and it only shows a battery recommendation for a car battery… thanks!

Hobbyking graphene 3s 5000 mah

I have used 2x zippy flightmax 3s 5000mah 45c in parallel with great success. Also use 2x dynamite reaction 3s 5000c 50c as well. I have lots of toys that use Lipos so I had them already. These provided endless power for my “boss level” spot welder. I had parallel connectors so I didn’t bother trying one battery.

Look for something 4+ah 120+A peak delivery

Hows this?


I think i got the 4ah version and it works nice but I would reccomend you the 5ah anyways cant hurt and the price diffrence is very small

Go for it

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Yes. 120 C burst on 5000 mah will give you the amps needed for the task.

Been using a SMC-Racing True Spec Premium 3S 7200mAh 90C/149AMP LiPo.

Bit expensive but I like it.

Thanks I just found it

I used the Graphene 6000mah 65c battery and my welds come out nice and strong.

Thanks everyone who helped out!

For anyone else in the future here is the link for the websites recommendation… I ended up ordering what @scrapheap recommended