Best motor and battery for single then dual motors

Hi everybody,

I’m building a single motor longboard. However I would like to extend it later to two motor by possibly keeping the previous motor and battery. I was going for a 6355 190 kV with a 12s2p battery however looks like it won’t be sufficient for two motors. So I’m looking for the best combination between motor and battery to start with a single motor and then extend to a dual motor.

Desired top speed: 25-30mph Desired range: 10-15 miles (16-24km); can be less (like 12km).

My trucks are Caliber II 184mm.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi man, Are you sure you gonna need 2 motors? I’ve 1 motor only on 6S giving me like 1400W and it’s powerful enough for me with a topspeed around 40km/h. I’ve a 222Wh battery and a range of 14km. You can get around 2500W with a single motor on a 12S battery and I guess you wanne use a VESC? If you don’t have hills steeper than 15% a single motor will be far enough.

If you want a range around 16km or more with a topspeed of 40-45kmh you will need a 12S battery with a capacity of 6Ah or more. Make sure the batteries can deliver around 60A that should be enough to handle the power.

I’d go with a 10s4p from the begining, that battery is perfect for single and dual.

Later down the road, you would just need to add one motor and one vesc and just keep using the same battery, sane bms, etc.

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