Best motor mount on amazon

I happen to have a lot of amazon gift cards and I’m looking to replace my diy mount after it broke over the summer. what are your favorites from amazon and why?

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Amazon doesnt really sell much stuff esk8 related, unless youre looking for ‘general’ electronics or hardware.

I think you should go to one of the reputable website where you can trade your cards for “cash” or just another visa giftcard, then just buy quality parts made by people who care :smiley:

EDIT @Boardnamics has his stuff on Amazon! (good shit!!!). He sells motor mounts at a great price, and they are highly regarded as a budget mount on the forums. Here the link


I edited my earlier comment just as you posted, lol. I dont see anything else worth your time on the amazon page

im sure if you wnted to ask for a custom order(not sure what you would want or what he can provide), you have a better chance that with those other chinese DIY EMPORIUM sellers :rofl:


lol ya wasnt ever planning to get any sketchy stuff. the basic mount should work fine. not sure if i want to kind with the tensioning bearing or not tho.

You will, if you dont now :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll save you some down time if you ever run out of belts and theres not enough tension with the used ones… just bolt the tensioning bearing on and boom, youre all set

yeah ik its probably easier than using the bolts for tensioning but not sure if my current belt is long enough and all my spares that are different lengths are back home 2500 miles away (im in college rn) also those mounts are a bit bulky which has me worried cuz my board rides relatively low.

@Boardnamics would it be possible to get the length and the width at the widest point on the v2 mount?

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The entire arm piece for the Idler (the longest version) is 147mm long Widest point is the clamp plus arm width, which is 16mm

Oh I was talking about the width of the plate like where the motor mounts. Guessing somewhere in the 70-80mm range?

64mm 10chars