Best Place to buy Li-Ion Cells in Bulk?

Does anyone know the best place to purchase Li-Ion cells in packs of 50 or more at a good price? I am specifically looking for Samsung 25R 2500mah cells. I bought some of these from ebay, but at least 1 in 20 of the cells had a voltage at least .2 volts below the rest.

Nkon is a good source Bought 30 30Q cell they were all at 3.47 volt

NKON have a very good rep for selling genuine brand new cells, just make sure you use the english version of their site which excludes VAT. From memory I think it’s

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Damn, beat me by seconds haha.

Ahahaha I would call it a draw :grin:

nkon without VAT is

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Depends where u live… if ur in the states I would say IMRbatteries, if ur across the pond I say nkon… shipping, customs, and waiting for possibly a month isn’t worth it to save 10-15$


Yes I live in the states.

I live in Houston so I pick my cells up directly from IMR BUT they ship and before I knew they were in Houston I ordered cells and in 2 business days they were at my door

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Yeah I think this is where I am going to buy. I’d much rather buy from an American company if given the option.

Like I said the only difference is time and about 10-15$ depending on the quantity u buy… I usually buy 100-200 at a time

For 100 Samsung 30Qs I paid under 500 with shipping

I bought 40 30Q from and it was about $209 or so I stay out in California took about 2weeks I think if you live in USA, Nkon if you live in EU


FWIW, it’s still worth checking both sites from US, IMO (if you’re buying enough for bulk discount + offset the shipping)…

Not sure what the current prices are, but my last nkon order (within the last year) was 148 cells for a little over $450 with shipping… and at the time it was easily the best deal I saw among the sites mentioned. They did take a couple weeks to ship, however (but once they did ship, it only took a couple days for them to arrive).


That’s an impresive price for cells man! what about this site ? does anyone have experience with shopping there ?