Best place to get MBS all terrain wheels

I live in New Zealand and can’t get them locally but can get them from Australia but will cost $130 usd including shipping :open_mouth: just wondering if there is a cheaper place to get them?? Thanks :slight_smile:

I ordered from MBS US, and used YouShop to get reasonable shipping to NZ (MBS was going to charge $600 for shipping!!!)

Still not cheap, and you might get pinged extra for the weight, but might work out cheaper.

How much did yours cost at the end? Yeah mbs US website say $178 for shipping lol

I ordered 8inch wheels with rockstar hubs and matrix trucks, and was stupid enough to put it in one order so had to pay GST. Excluding the GST, the heavy weight put the shipping cost up to $75NZ. Orders over $80US get free shipping within the US from MBS, so that $75 was the total shipping cost. For just a set of off-road wheels you’d be looking at $20-$30NZ I reckon. YouShop is great, I use them for loads of stuff.

In he US i just bought four black wheels for like 65 bucks

Is that from their US website??

Hmm never used you shop. Is there a place to send them to in the US and then you shop sends to nz??

Yep, YouShop gives you an address with an id code at their US based warehouse. Then you get an email when it shows up, pay for the shipping to NZ and they send it over. Only problem is waiting that extra week or so while it takes a detour to the US warehouse. Looks like they are $69 USD on the MBS US site, so you’d definitely get them cheaper that way than the $130US from Australia.

Just need the weight and dimensions as a 50cm×50cm box that weighs 1kg says it would be over $100 shipped.

Just ask MBS. It would be way less than that though, as I said my order for much larger/heavier stuff came to $75.

Yeah I did the other day. Just waiting for reply