Best pre made battery pack?

So i have everything to build my board except the battery. i have TB’s 6374 190kv motor and TB vesc, i know i want a 12s4p but im not sure where to buy from… i was thinking about just going for TB’s 12s4p but didnt want to just jump at it without others opinions. i have around $520 max to spend on a battery so some advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m in the process of getting my parts together as well!. I’m currently in contact with @TinnieSinker on his pre-made packs. easy to chat with and accommodating, W’ere working with getting a Bestech BMS to go with a 10s6p 30q at the moment and you can also request the pack in a certain config(i.e. double layer triangle stacked) so you can hit him up!

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The TB 12s4p is a good pack. Its made with Samsung 30q’s and comes with a decent enclosure.


i hear it has 30a continuous, do you think it’ll be able to let me cruise at 20-25mph and have a 20(or more) mile range? the enclosure is also a huge plus considering i dont have the means to make my own very easily.

its 60a continuous via the BMS, the new ones are 80a. Depending on gearing & wheels you can easily reach 25mph and 20 miles of range.

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I’m not sure that exact price but @barajabali makes great batteries. Nothing but good things to say about the one he built for me that’s lasted a loooong time. Think he’s about in your price range too.


Would’ve wanted to grab a pack from him as well but his site says do not order if not from America :frowning:

Ah. Gotcha. You should maybe put that in your first post so that everyone knows where you’re trying to get one from.

It looks like a 12s4p with 30q’s from him is $615… so a little out of my range, but still may consider it seeing as how everyone seems to love the quality of them.

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I think it may be worth it given that its got a bms already. Im expecting something along that range for my 10s5p 30q + bms as well. Though I believe @barajabali has been doing it for longer so that’s worth noting


If I have a mboards dual esc, could I have a 10s 4p battery made from Samsung 25r cells? Or would that much current blow my esc?

Is building your own pack out of the question? If $520 is your limit you could easily build your own pack for less. I bought my battery spot welder for $150 on amazon and I got 60 Samsung 30q from nkon for $200 shipped. Got my 12s bms from bkb for $50(dont remember shipping cost). My welder came with a ton of nickel strips already so didnt need to buy that. If you are doing a 12s4p you could build it for less the $400 Including miscellaneous things like shrink wrap and xt connector. Then you now have a welder for future batteries. That’s what I did anyway.

@pjotr47 makes excellent packs if you are in Europe.

12s4p, samsung 30Q, fused, charge only bms, charging plug: 420euros shipped.



The TB battery is good too if you can deal with its bulkiness (double stacked).

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