Best remote for Focbox Unity?

I’m looking for a good reliable remote for the Focbox Unity. A battery indicator or screen would be nice but not necessary. I would prefer an off the shelf solution but I’m open to 3D printed remotes especially if a forum member is selling them.


Both will involve a wait though and the trampa one is untested as of right now. OSSR is tried and tested but small batch runs will mean a wait.


Pretty sure trampa confirmed wand will not be unity compatible at this point.
I just picked this up and so far its been good to me Made by @tomiboi


Yeah you’re quite correct brother. Trampa enertion shenanigans.

honestly, I don’t really fault trampa here. Enertion forked from the vesc by coming up with unity. It causes all sort of compatibility issues


Nor me. I just wish mom and pop would get along

not sure I want to see a Jason and Frank marriage… its like the league of super villians no? :stuck_out_tongue:


Flipsky vx1 is pretty good.


I’ll be shipping my next batch starting early September. I would be able to do them a little sooner but my CNC router just arrived, and I’ve been busy getting that all set up. I’ll be cranking them out soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I was hoping to spend less than $150. Any thoughts on the Flipsky VX2? It’s supposed to be shipping now.

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I have a post right now about regarding whether it works with unity…the answer is unclear as of now

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Looks good but a mate is trying it right now and is having issues with getting the uart to connect. Will know more soon. Benchwheel or maytech v2 if you want something quick and easy and simple. Love both of these remotes and don’t use anything else.

I actually really like the old school nano v2. Cheap, solid connection, they do need calibration everytime you turn on and the thumb control will fail after sometime.

The GT2B remote with 3D printed enclosure has been working great for me. I have two, one for each of my Unities.

Do you think those are better than the Flipsky VX1?

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On sale, compatible with unity, and new batch is coming up by end of August/mid September. New improved hardware with dedicated power management and improved receiver with built in power switch for LEDs and horn. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never used the flipsky so hard to tell. Sure there are some threads though

I just got my vx2 back from china had to be reflashed to KM/h not user selectable or firmware upgradable. I keep going back to my enertion nanox. Firefly died went back to nanox, VX1 dropout issues went back to nanox, VX2 only in miles per hour had to send to hglrc for reflashing nanox. Trampa wand look good but $200 for a remote thats 2/3rds The cost of a new 35E battery build.

Afraid to say I couldn’t get rid of the humongous dead band on the remote, so I can’t recommend it…

Just going to throw it out there, the Trampa Wand is in some people’s hands and looks pretty bomb. If you have multiple boards, buying 1 wand and 3-4 receivers could be a cost effective solution to have a really nice remote on all your boards :wink: