Best replacement internals for Evolve Carbon GT deck

So I recently replaced the battery in my Evolve Carbon GT for a 10s4p build, eventually planning on a better quality 10s5p so keeping space in mind here… Basically I want to replace the rest of the electronics as the Evolve BMS seems to be rejecting the new battery oddly enough. I’m happy with giving up the Evolve R2 remote and they won’t help with boards after the batteries, etc are tampered with anyway. Basically thinking whatever’s the best on the market for DIY internals is the way I’ll go, will worry about cost later, space and quality is the current priority, thanks.

For space saving a unity might be ideal as it encorporates an as into it if I recall.

Focboxs are also good but rarer now as they aren’t being sold.

I wouldn’t go for 4.12s if you are trying to save space just because of the odd shape

If anyone can help you the most, it’s @hyperIon1 but that’s only if you have 2 FOCBOXes as they just went obsolete a few days ago

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Not completely

Definitely check out what hyperion is doing.


I’m currently looking at the unity from Enertion if that’s what you mean? Would have to pre-order but it’s on sale at least

And it’s only a little over a month away from Shipping the second batch

The focbox is on its way out for sure. But I believe it will be around for some time. It’s a solid esc it’s just single. Now, first hand the unity is a UPGRADE across the platform. Duel ( internal ) compact, Bluetooth, integrated momentary power switch. It’s a complete package. Now with the evolve heat sink is flat once you remove the controller. In my carbon gt I simply used double sided heat transfer tape and padded the bottom of the lid to hold it down. The focbox isn’t gone. It’s just the time of the unity. It will be a benchmark, as the focbox was. A mark to shot for. The core reason I enjoy this industry so much. Innovation at it’s finest. It’s a major difference image image


Please insulate all of those boards properly, carbon fibre is conductive


They all have plastic shrink wrap on them except the unity which is fixed so it looks like it would be ok

I was mainly looking at the upper bit of the blue pcb, where the jst connector is


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good spot mate

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What deck is that bamboo one?

Bustin board Nomad, they dont make it anymore