Best Tires for Electric Mountainboard

What are most of you running for tires and how long do they last? I feel like after 10 miles my tires are toast. They are the stock tires that come with the mbs boards. I ordered some other tires from chine that seem to be solid rubber and hold up great but are WAY out of balance. I mostly ride on concrete and a little gravel.



Try some ceramic wheel balance beads inside your tubes :wink: These seem cheap if you want sealed surface action only $3.25 AuD

I see that same scooter tire cheap on various sources

I just got a tip from @mmaner to these little beauties!

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I’m not sure bro, the jury has to be still out? I shared the pic of these that got the discussion started and as then I still now have questions… It is common for soft duro skate wheels to chunk or have pieces tear off & with the height of the side wall there will be considerable lateral load so tearing the tire between the holes must surely be a real concern with heavy use. As no one has any significant time on these might be a bit early to call them best.

Yeah, I feel ya’. I just saw a post on the Pics thread with some Psychotiller hubs that looked pretty good and I thought I’d throw it out there. I guess @mmaner could give us an opinion on em’

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As soon as I get some ride time I will. Tried to get my drop deck back in action tonight. Resolved my BMS issue but now the remote won’t bind. I’ll try another remote tomorrow.

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@mmaner Looks like @psychotillers hubs fits well. Could you give me the diameter on those hubs? I ordered same tires yesterday, but without hubs. Figure I would lathe them at work

I ordered some kenda 909 200x50 tires. They were only 10.00 a piece so I will see how they hold up but I’m sure it wont be too great.

Kenda is a good tire brand for the money

I have read that evolve are the most long-lasting tires. I can tell by own experience they are good. But I have no experience with other brands. I don’t know if that is really true.

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I think @whitepony the tire slayer could give his expertise in this.

the evolve GT tyres are the best I have tried so far, the MBS roadie hat evolve shipped with their old carbon/bamboo are crap.

what I liked most with the GT tyres, besides a little more endurance, is very good carving stability. they are quite wide and not so tall, so they provide more stability in lateral direction.


would love to give them a try but I want them in blue and Evolve Germany does not sell to France… and the French distributor have 0 stock. What a rubbish distribution model !

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These are pretty badass for off-road:

I agree with whitepony on the Evolve GTs for street. Can’t wait to hear the verdict on the tubeless tires though. Looks dope.

@trampa Any idea when the 6" tires will be available for purchase? Also, do you know if there’s any difference between 8" slick cuts and MBS rodies besides the tread pattern? Looks like they’re both made by innova so I wasn’t sure.

I want too make sure this gets out but I’m waiting on my tubes to come in and got my tires and they look lopsided, uneven on the bead… Hopefully they change after inflation? or should I contact mbs?

They all do that, it’s from packaging them too tight. They are prolly fine.

Put some powder on the tubes when you install them.

Air them up to max psi, deflate, then air up again and let them sit overnight.


Ok I’ll give that a shot thank you! I don’t know if they will hold high speed though? I have a video of the spin let me upload it also have these I might use