Best VESC to buy in for someone in EU right now?


I just had a DRV8302 failure on my Maytech Vesc from a group buy, and wanted to buy a rock solid VESC to replace it. i was thinking of getting an Enertion VESC but the website is saying pre order…? i want this to arrive soon as i’m really impatient and i’ve had a bunch of other new parts arrive that i can’t use now. So my question is, what is the best VESC i can buy, with reasonable delivery times in the EU (UK specifically). Thanks for any help! has some good vescs

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I ordered this

Hey maybe you want to get rid of the broken maytech vesc? I have also maytech vesc with broken firmware, I think I can have one in working order out of two. Btw I think is not ready yet, but the esc8 from looks really good and solid. Now is better price for the first :100: units. Good luck!

This is a rebranded maytech vesc, also with no bootloader.

What happened? I’ve got two new Maytech VESC’s and don’t want to end up with the same result.

i’ve had heat issues and temporary DRV8302 faults for the entire time i’ve had it, but it gave out under hard acceleration today and is now permanently giving the DRV8302 fault code.

Hmm, strange, think it was a factory issue?

For me where working fine, also from the same disastrous group buy. Just seems cheap but I don’t think it is cheap at all since it is no fully capabilities, FOC is not working, and no bootloader means no firmware update. I was playing with that to use ackmaniac firmware, and just got dead, but I think it was user error. I will not buy again maytech vesc.

is that the ajaynagra groupbuy? yeah that was a mess

Just got one ordered to UK

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Yes, Ajay GB, in the end it was a lot more expensive than in a reputable shop since missing parts and 3 times shipping.

Like the one I got from unik (@okp). Didn’t ride on my board yet, but the vesc looks solid. And he helps you out.

I’ve been looking at 's vesc since the price is nice here in europe. And they say they’re back in stock in probaly 2 weeks. Anyone triede them?

I have maytech in stock in EU, i repair DRV too…

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