Best Waterproof Connector for Charger

So I’ve been doing some research on these waterproof connectors and I’m trying to find the best solution. Everyone seems to have their own personal favorites. I just stumbled across these SAE connectors and they look pretty similar to trailer hitch connectors, just two pin instead of four. Has anyone tried these before or think they’re worth a shot?

If you have the space for it, it’s perfectly fine

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Yeah it looks promising. Thanks!

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Do you particularly need the connector to be waterproof? Just a good rubber plug for the socket would be sufficient wouldn’t it? While actually charging the connection wouldn’t get wet in normal circumstances?

Another option is using a GX16 connector, I have a cover design for it on Thingiverse to 3d print it’s pretty easy to find if you search GX16. Personally I’m using a 9 pin connector (GX16-9) though a 2 or 4 pin would work fine, 4 pin for higher current.

@bigben I would prefer for it to be waterproof. I live in Florida and it likes to rain at completely random times throughout the day. And yes a rubber plug for the socket would be sufficient, but I haven’t been able to find much that has a rubber plug and would also be corrosion resistant.

@JdogAwesome Thanks for mentioning that connector, I had never even seen that one before. It’s even for aviation and I’m a student pilot haha. I’ll definitely look into that and I’ll have to check out that cover you designed for it

I already ordered that one from amazon so I’ll see how it fits with everything and if it’s not going to fit very well I’ll probably look into that GX16 connector

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I’m using an XLR jack from Neutrik, they have a rubber gasket and plug accessory that works well:

That connector with the SCDF accessory. The housing is nickel, so corrosion shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

A good number of laptop style power bricks come with XLR ends, so it works out well.

Does that fit your bill?

That’s definitely a good alternative as well. For me personally I’m not worried about having to change the connector on the charger itself or even make an adapter for it. The main thing is the most bulletproof connector I can put on this board so I never have to replace it. I think I’m going to see how this SAE connector works and if it starts to corrode I’ll give that GX16 connector a shot and if that one has issues I’ll move on to the XLR. Thanks for your suggestions!

That sounds like a good idea, let us know how it works out!

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