Best way to connect 4 Lipo Batteries together?

Hi all,

I am making a budget build so I am using Lipo batteries, I have my eyes on these 4500mAh 3s 40c Lipo Packs that give a voltage of 11.1V, I plan to buy 4 of them to get 44.4 volts and to use my VESC to set a voltage limit of 36V, Would using 3x Y connectors to connect the packs be suitable or just dangerous?

you need 4 series connectors. also, your vesc will not limit voltage. it can only take what it’s given by the battery. in your case, 50.2v full, 44.4v nominal and 38.4v empty. you can set voltage limits on the esc, but if it’s below the battery voltage it simply won’t work

is there a 4 series connector out there?

What do you mean if its below the battery voltage? The motors i have are 600w and the site says they take between 24 to 36 volts, I was planning to set the max voltage to 36 on the VESC, and look at tutorials for setting up the rest.

buddy please. you have 2 hrs read time. this isn’t enough for what you’re doing. 44v dc is very dangerous. you will hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing

to answer your question, no. you need 4 separate series adapters for your 4 batteries.

If you set the esc voltage limit to lower than what the battery is, it won’t work. the voltage isn’t what’s going out of the vesc, it’s what’s going in.

Ok I understand your point, I will read up more


where would the 4th adaptor go?

Ok, so I need to get a battery or a set up that is under or exactly 36V?


Here is an example of a series harness for 4 lipos in series. The diagram you drew made no sense as the battery pack as two negative terminals instead of a positive and a negative


you cannot get a battery that is “exactly under 36v”. that’s not how batterys work. if you don’t know this please don’t build a battery

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that’s a bit rough, everyone has to start somewhere.

this is a good place to start.

then watch videos, read some more.

then go build!


i dont think im being rough. he needs to know the very basics of electronics before he hurts himself

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Who says Im building a battery? I was gonna simply connect packs together but now im using different ones that sit in the middle of the voltage range

Thanks Ill check them out