Best way to mount onto a custom truck?

I have a truck which is shaped like this image

Cross sectionally. (The straight lines point at 45 deg when the trucks are mounted)

I’m pretty sure they’re not common truck shapes, so I was wondering what the best way to mount motors to them would be? I may get access to a CNC machine, but I’m not sure, so if not how could I mount?

Note: If this works out and I am able to find a proper source for them, I may be able to sell sets of 220mm trucks in the EU for less than 100 euros (With dual mounts on the back) which would be awesome. these things are wider than TB trucks, and carve pretty nicely.

cheapest and fastest way would be using sheet metal that’s thick enough and cut out all the holes with dremel/cnc for the motor screw holes and JB weld it to the hangar.

Another way which takes a lot more work but might look nicer is to buy premade motor mount sets, resize the hangar clamps to the matching shape of your hangar, and file/shape the hangar surface as necessary for the set/grub screws.

Third way, which is the fastest way, is to get common off-the-shelf trucks. :rofl:

Get someone to laser cut/mill you a clamp or try to drill it yourself and just use a standard mount plate with it

or if there’s customers for this you could make a deal with someone like the guy from boarddynamics to make you the mounts since he has a miller

There are no 220mm off the shelf trucks, the ONLY trucks that are that wide in the EU are above 125$ for a set, minimum and you still need to add mounts to that.