Best way to remove wheel pulley's from Boosted V2?

Hi eSk8ers!

I have a couple of eBoards, a Meepo I scrapped the deck on and replaced with a Loaded Dervish and a Boosted Dual V2 I am modding.

I picked up the Ollin Popoca wheels and picked up an additional set of Boosted wheels. I would like to remove the pulleys from the wheels and mount the Popoca’s on them.

Is there a great way to remove the pulley’s from the boosted wheels without damaging anything?

Thanks in advance!

(and yes, I searched first :slight_smile: )

Just use a large flat head screwdriver and put it in between the pulley and the wheel and pry up. Just do a little bit then rotate a smidge, pry a little, rotate a smidge, pry a little… Eventually the pulley will come off the wheel.

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This is an easy mod you can do if you want to use your motor guards in conjunction with the popocas.

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Awesome! Thank you Sender :-)!

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