Best wheels for esk8

Hello! I’m having a thought decision choosing the right wheels for my DIY esk8 which one do you think I should use?


I want the best range I do not really care about the speed and I do not want any vibration during the ride at all. If you think you have better wheels for my build please send them. thanks and have a great day/night.

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The boundmotor hubs will be meh, if the cloud wheels are not the discovery version there’s substantial chance the core fails. If you want ride quality, I cannot recommend good pneumatic wheels (bergmeister, six shooters) enough, but it will cost range. If you still want the longboard wheel look and feel, definitely torque boards 110mm wheels

I just looked up a review and the wheels look amazing but they cost too much thanks anyways!

TB110 cost less than Foamies…?

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These don’t match so well.

The wheels that give you the smoothest ride are going to have higher rolling resistance.

Urethane is pretty much always better for range. Pneumatics are pretty much always better for comfort.

I rather have more range then comfort so I prefer the Urethane wheels

I think I will go with the cloud wheels because they are right in the middle of range and comfort

Last I heard they had some bad cores. Idk if it was user error or a bad batch. Just something you should look into.

Ehh between those two get the airless one. The cloud wheels don’t have enough grip and core cracks.

The cloud wheels don’t have a very good reputation. make an informed decision.

thx @fessyfoo @GamerGirl and @Skunk for notifying me on the cloud wheels core problem. Do you think these wheels will be as good as the cloud wheels??

Those fuckers are DENSE… Just saying

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Yeah those are really solid, also you can go with any ABEC 11 Branded wheels or the 110from torque boards.

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I just bought 107mm Abec’s and the NEW Discovery 120mm Cloudwheel…will be posting my review.

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I will buy the tb110 (tourqe board wheels) but I do not know what wheel pully I need for them can you send me a link to buy one. thanks.

Boa’s are dope!

Any kegel style will work but this was the best in my testing on single drive.

Did you ever post that review?